Hi, I’ve just been advised today that I am changing treatment to Fulvestrant after CT result showed progression and letrosole had become ineffective. Does anyone have any advice on this as apparently this is a relatively new drug in Scotland - it’s only been available over the last 4 weeks here. Thanks to anyone who can give some info other than what I can find via Google!

Hi, I haven’t posted much recently but I am on Fulvestrant injections and have been since November ish.Ive had 21 years of breast cancer and many local recurrences after being ok for 14 years, also many treatments. I was diagnosed with secondary in a chest lymph node in July 2013 and have been on the oral chemo, Capecitabine from then until November last year. I’m probably on Fulvestrant because ive already been on Tamoxifen and 2 Aromatase Inhibitors. They all worked for a while.

I don’t think Fulvestrant is a new treatment, it’s been around for a while but I think other hormonals are used in preference because they are cheaper!!

I’m finding it a doddle of a treatment so I hope it keeps me stable. My opinion only, but I’m not convinced it is effective for a long time so just make sure you have regular scans. Wishing you best of luck with it. I massage my derrière after the injections, it lessens the slight discomfort! x

Thanks for your response - fingers crossed its effect lasts for both of us for some time though! I’ve been on both tamoxifen and letrosole and now moving to Fulvestrant - just hoping it keeps things under check at least sometime to come.

I’ve just Googled fulvestant and it would seem u r lucky to have it as its been withdrawn in UK by nice as its so expensive . Oncologist must be positive about its effects to justify the high cost again leyrozole and tamox which are cheap.
So feel.positive .
Hugs xxx