Just wanted to pass this bit of information on, my 12 year old daughter, who changed schools in September, discovered that it was think pink month in october, so she set about in a school she didn’t know and organised a cake stall for last friday to raise funds for breast cancer research, she raised £75.35 on friday. I can’t begin to say how proud I am of her as she has coped really well with my diagnosis and treatment so far.


Wow, That is really great Heather!

Hi Heather

You must be so proud of her, how fanatastic. Is she going to dress all in pink on 26th?

Great to hear some lovely strories of here so thank you for sharing that with us.

Take care

Love and Hugs


That’s brilliant! It’s amazing how much everyone can help.I’m arranging a quiz night and raffle for Breast Cancer Care and have had such an amazing response from people. Local retailers, restaurants and entertainment have donated brilliant prizes too. My Mum is going to be the guest of honour! :slight_smile:

Keep it up everyone!! xx

Hi Michelle

As pink is her favourite colour anyway its more than likly that she will wear pink on the 26th

Good luck with your quiz and raffle


Hi Heather,

You must be so proud of her!


Hi Heather

That’s lovely - you must be very proud.

I have two daughters (14 and 10) and both of them wear the breast cancer bows all the time, put all their spare change in the charity boxes, and we’re all going to do the Race for Life next year (and my eldest is roping her two best friends in too).

Like you, I’m so very proud of them - the way they have reacted to Mum having breast cancer has amazed me.

Aren’t we lucky ?

much love

Julie xxxx

Hi Julie

I bet you are very proud of your two daughters, just I am of mine. Its amazing how well they cope with knowing their mum has breast cancer and how much they are prepared to do to help not just us but other people in the smae position.

Take care