Fundraising through treatment

Hello ladies
Hope you are all coping and managing the effects and emotions of treatment. My last cycle of T will be next week which will be my Christmas present and ?I will have a smooth treatment. Then op on 22nd Jan to clear lymph nodes and 15 rads after recovery. Tamoxifen to follow! Phew!!

During my course of Chemo treatment from Sept 4th (had lumpectony in July) I have raised £2120 for Prevent Breast Cancer and £2000 for MacMillan Nurses and are handing

My post is not just to announce what I have raised but also to put the message across to some ladies about to start treatment, that it is doable and with the right prep b4hand(sweets, food, Epsom salts, themometer, complimentary therapies and courses and plenty of rest when needed it is manageable?

If something does crop up like high temp etc, you will always get the help you need and you will be put back on track for treatment. Always let GP, nurses etc know you are having treatment and you will be put on priority! Never feel bad about saying what you need to say!

Take one day at a time, be with positive people, take soneone to appointments for more ears,ring BC nurse rather than goigle, ignore unnecessary comments and keep a diary of each cycle. SE of each cycle can be different but similar on each drug for and of course use this forum, which I will be fundraising for later on next year. This forum has most definitely helped my earlier times and now I fwel I can help others. There are some wonderful CCs and members and if you dont want to post you can just read and have a laugh, a cry, a rant bit most of all we all understand on here. Theres always someone in a situation very similar to you for you to chat you.

Do not feel bad about letting someone down or havent any Xmas prezzies. Peoole will understand but if they dont, so what! YOU are the most important and put yourself first…always???

Speak soon ladies as getting ready to go out take a little longer with make and wig and finding something which fits, as my appetite hasnt been bad at all?

Hey CK, wow what a lot of strength and energy you have found through a really hard time of life (chemo and bc), Im quite in awe of you managing to raise that money during this time. Is there part of a sentence missing , after the word ‘handing’? There are some great tips here, I particularly like ‘be with positive people’; and you sound like one heck of a positive person yourself. Best wishes for you this Christmas, and hoping your treatment goes well for you xxx



You are an incredible lady because as well as coping with your chemo treatment you have been running a business and raising this most amazing amount of money for cancer. 


Such positives words in your advise, you have been helping and supporting the ladies on the chemo threads, and boy have you had some laughs on there, but also got each other through some very tricky times.


Have a wonderful Christmas and every best wishes for 2018.


Helena xxx

Thanks so much for your fab positivity, CK & all you’ve done in supporting others here, as well as fundraising whilst going through this as well!
Sending loads of Xmas & new year best wishes to you & everyone here??
ann x

I echo what the other ladies have said. You have done amazingly too raise all that money whilst going through treatment, truly inspiring.


I hope that you can have a restful, happy Christmas and new year xxx

Hi Charys
Yes, handing £1000 to my local cancer centre Beechwood. This has all kept me going and it will continue. Thank you all too for the words of support and kindness. Theres still more of a journey yet but 2 stsges done now and can hopefully relax for a few weels b4 my op to clear margins and lymph nodest
All the best for good healrh ladies. This year rhe greatest present was to finish chemo and look forward ro a smooth healthy future after all treatment for us all.??

Good news Rosie.
Its a great feeling knowing we are helping others.x

Hi ladies 

I’m new on here was diagnosed with breast cancer in Aug…had 2 ops and thankfully no spread,  stage 2 had very worrying times but now on the road of Chemo, radio,  herceptin and tablets for 10 yrs as triple positive had 3 Fec had my first T yesterday all for protection Belt and braces… 

in Dec I held a charity dinner dance for breast cancer care Uk and I along with some amazing friends and family raised £2477… such an amazing feeling…keep up the good work, stay positive…love and hugs to all you lovely fighting this disease xxxx

Well done Juluesbuzz! Fabtastic job! Ive raised over £5000 since startiing chemo in four months! Its kept me going.xx