Hi everyone
Some of you might know my story, I was originally diagnosed as stage 4 from the off in March 09 with liver spread. Since then I had some amazing news and am now down staged to 3. I am determined to raise as much money as I can for breast cancer but I want to raise money for a charity that puts all their money into finding a cure! Do you know which one is best?
I appreciate all charities are fantastic but we need a cure. I know some of you ladies are very knowledgable as you helped me so much when I was first diagnosed xx

Hi KerryRose

I don’t know of any charity that puts all their money into finding a cure for breast cancer but I raise money for Cancer research UK by taking part in relay for life - a 24 hour team walking event where each team has at least one member walking continuously for 24 hours. Its not specifically for breast cancer but all cancers - I take part because I have lost several family members to different kinds of cancer

The event also promotes cancer awareness and celebrates cancer survivors. There are relays all over the country - the one I take part in had a team of cancer research scirntists taking part last year, they talked to us about how the money raised goes to funding research into all kinds of cancers.

If you google cancer research uk and relay for life you can find the information.

Hope this helps but whatever you decide to do good luck.


Hi KerryRose

Have a look at breakthrough breastcancer



Hi kerry rose - i have never ever heard of anybody being downstaged - and i would love to know how that happened. so please share - if you want to.

Yes i agree breakthrough breast cancer is the only specific one i know.

good to know you are raising money for this - thanks.

Hi Celeste
Basically the lesions in my liver which they thought was bc stayed the same before, during and after chemo where as the lump in my boob disapeared completely in one week and I had a total chemo response from the results of my masectomy and lymph node clearance. My docs now tell me that the lesions are probably a kind of birth mark!
Thanks for your responses xx

Like Celeste, I too was intrigued/excited to see that you had been “downgraded” from stage 1V-but your explanation means that you were never stage1V anyway-rather that your team made some hasty, and wrong conclusions! Rather than downgraded, I guess they just reviewed their initial diagnosis and admitted they made a mistake? Still delighted for you-but from a stage 1V persepctive, I had been hoping that you had found some miracle drug…ah well, maybe one day. Good luck with the fund raising.

hi kerry,
like everybody im intrigued by your diagnosis and so pleased for you, did you have any scans at the time of your diagnosis, i had a liver scan at the beginning as routine?
take care galen x

Sorry ElaineD wrong choice of wording, I should have been more tactful. They did diagnose me as stage IV as they where 95% sure it was bc in liver, I also asked for my oncs personal opinion and he was sure it was bc too. I suppose the only way they can be 100% sure is if they do a biopsy or the area responds to chemo.
The lesions are called hemangiomas and do look like bc cells so my onc tells me.
GB - Yes I have had numerous MRI scans on my liver, before, during and after chemo. I will be having another one in about 5 months time as they still want to keep an eye on it. I feel like I am jinxing things just writing this down, I suppose I still feel a bit scared that they might be wrong again.
I did have a positive sentinal node but because of the chemo before surgery to shrink the breast tumour they cant tell me how many nodes where affected as they could find no trace of bc left when they removed everything. I am aware that I still have a long road ahead of me. xxx

i have sent you a private message xx