Fungal Nails 3 Years Down the Track

Hi all, I’m still struggling with finger nails that haven’t come right since the end of my chemo in October 2016.  I have been using over the counter medicated nail lacquer which makes the fungal nail disappear but just when I think my nails are looking normal again, I get another re-occurrence seemingly triggered by the application of nail polish.  It seems to only affect 3 or 4 of my finger nails with white bands and patches appearing on the nail.  The effect is a white opaque look.  I also experience sensitivity (mild soreness) and can tell another flare-up is brewing and sure enough when removing the nail polish the evidence is there.  Has anyone else experienced this and what is the answer in helping this to disappear altogether?

Hi Curiosity, I don’t know the answer to your question, and wonder if you should post it on the nurses section? I do have experience of nails, though, so perhaps if I chat a bit it might help? I have only used a professional salon since I was diagnosed over two years ago. My beauty consultant, Kelly,  is very knowledgable and although my nails are much weaker, and tend to shred, they always look reasonable. She puts a treatment on the nail after prepping, which seals the surface and strengthens them. Nail varnish dries the nails out, so she is super careful about leaving the nail bed clear so that they can breathe. She uses very good brands which are dermalogically safe. I think that the brand is very important in that adding chemicals to a porous surface, as my shredding nails are, would be a recipe for disaster! My polish is normally dark, and I was advised to use dark colours by my bc nurse. Something about not absorbing light. I also buy a good cuticle oil which feeds my nails. Products from the Live Better with Cancer website normally come highly recommended, although at a price. X

I think Annie has given some good advice for you.


The only thing I can add is at the cancer wellness course I attended another lady present was having difficulty with her nails lifting after chemo.  One of the Breast Cancer care nurses recommended a specific cream to help.  May be if you contacted your breast clinic for further advice.


Perhaps only use products that will help the nails heal properly for now, especially if they are aggravated again when you apply polish.


Ask the nurses here would be a good option too.


Hope you find thing improving more soon.:heart: