Funny bones, and thumb pain on Anastrozole

Has anyone noticed pain in both funny bones, not elbow bone which is sore to touch also painful thumb, I’m blaming Anastrozole, anyone else noticed this?

Hi Cara

I’m on Anastrazole for 10 years, started it in September 2020. I don’t have funny bone pain but I do ache a lot, especially hands and knees. I have about 30 hot flushes daily and I’m fatigued too, it’s not much fun and I’m not looking forward to 10 years of this quite frankly. I’m thinking of setting the doctor but can’t really see anything he can do. 

This isn’t much help to you though. I am interested to know about others on this drug though. 

Hi, I’m on Anastrazole coming up to 2 years in December/Jan. I started recently with pins & needles in the night so painful it wakes me up, going from my elbow to my wrist & hand. Feels like my hand is burning, I’ve now developed pain around my right thumb pain in my elbow & wrist.  I’ve been to GP, I’d like to be referred back to my oncologist, but the GP reckons there’s no connection. 

I’m incredibly fatigued at the moment too.