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hi can all you bcc buddies please help started tamoxifan 19 dec, now have noticed fuzzy face appearing this is like blonde downy hair growing down the sides of my face across the jaw line tempted to shave off but too scared in case it grows in much worse!!! dnt know what to do but know this may just send me right over the edgexx very self concious about it think i am making it look worse by putting make on as i think it is more noticeable and do you think this will be permanentxx read a couple of the feeds although they did help a bit need more advice on what should i do!!x

Hi there

Did you have chemo before starting Tamoxifen? I got a lot of downy hair on my face after chemo and was worried I’d look like Father Christmas for the festive season 5 years ago. It did go away eventually but of coursee I’m a bit hairy anyway and the first hair that came back after chemo was on my chin!

yep had 6 fec cycles finished 14 nov 2011, but only noticed it after started taking tamoxifan 19 dec xx dont know wh at to do about it x

Don’t panic Michelle - it does go. I was a bit ‘downy’ for a while but OK now.
Mine was very fine and only noticeable to me. I’ve heard of other ladies who’ve removed the down with no ill effects.


Oh no…I’ve got it too and I’m not on Tamoxifen, 2 months post 6 x Fec. !

When does it disappear ? Or will i end up looking like Capt Birdseye ?

furry Face of Berkshire

Me too - I’m triple negative, so no herceptin or tamoxifen. Finished rads just before Christmas and have now noticed fine fair sideburns. Never had them before and don’t want them now.

Me too another tn that finished 20th dec .My face has nearly as much hair on as my head lol but i have been told by my hairdresser that this always happens and it will go xx

I had a furry face too (and furry ears) I noticed it about September which was just after rads finished, 3 months after chemo and about a month after starting tamoxifen. I have no idea what caused my bearded look but when I saw this post, I went and checked in the bathroom mirror and am now fur free. I had forgotten all about it! I have to admit, I did shave my sideburns/cheeks twice but it didn’t grow back stubbly or thicker. It’s rotten isn’t it but it will go away.

Michelle poor you. My husband pointed mine out to me today which with other things caused meltdown,. I don’t often feel sorry for myself but this was today’s straw that broke the camels back. I am so glad you all say it goes. With just 1-2 cms of hair in white with black spots on my head, to have growth on my face is unfair. As for my legs -never have I had black hairs that grow so fast.
I am turning into a monkey!!!

Hi ladies i haven’t posted on here for a while but i read this post with great interest hoping for some answers. I had op, chemo and rads and have been on tam for 6 months now. Since taking tam i also noticed my furry face and it looks even worse in the sunshine!! I became very self conscious and felt that everyone was staring at my face!! I got myself into such a state about it so i decided to use a facial hair removing cream. It did the job and i felt a lot more confident again. it did grow back though so i have to use the cream about every 3 weeks but i just couldn’t live with it anymore. i just hope that it goes for good very soon.
Take care
Kaz :slight_smile:

Hi there!

I shaved off my long white face fuzz which appeared after chemo and it didn’t come back - hurray! (hope the hair on everyone’s heads is now longer than that on your legs, face etc!)

Take care xx

Hi all - how I could have done with you lot 18 months ago!!

Had the furry face and arms from Tamoxafen was only on it 6 months before complications set in and had to come off it . was prettty poorly for a while so didnt notice it’s demise but around 6 months later soundly realised that it had gone what a blessing . it is one hell of a side effect and really dragged me down - was on the verge of asking to come off it - what with the thinning hair and then a furry face just too much to cope with.A further six months later I was put on an alternative drug Arimedex then transfered on to Nastroza and what bliss NO FURRY FACE - it really matters to feel good about ourselves and when husbands, friends etc point out however well meaning our ‘odd bits’ it hurts - it really hurts… now about these hot flashes and bone ache!! As they say the gift that goes on giving !! P.S thought I read recently about light electrosis thingy we could have used anyone know anymore?

It is a pain,my OH laughs & has called me ‘cousin It’ (Off Adams family I think) & sometimes chew backer… off star wars I know that is spelt wrongly!
He means well & I know he is trying to see funny side (if there is one)… I do have a sense of humour, but sometimes…

I thought it was just me. I noticed hair on my face last year when I was looking in the mirror in the toilets at Macdonalds due to the lighting. I went into panic mode thinking everyone could see it. I have not dared to remove it in case it comes back darker and thicker. I have not had chemo but I started tamoxifen straightaway which I have been on aboout 18 months now.

It is hard enough with the hot flushes .The hair growth must be a side effect with Tamoxifen and my hair is thinning too. I am trying to diet as well because I have put so much weight on that it was getting me down. I have lost 5 pounds since Christmas and finding it hard going.


OMG - I picked my 3 year old granddaughter up from nursery today. On the drive home I became aware of her looking at me and asked her what she was looking at. She said “Nana, why have you got a beard”.

I swear that I haven’t got a beard!!

You have just got to love kids, made me laugh very loudly this morning supertrouper! xx

Decided it’s time to do something about the furry face which is creating a bit of a dark shadow I think although my husband says he can’t see it. Went to Boots and looked at all the hair removing creams but they all said for the body not the face.
Is there one for the face? Elinda x

Hi Elinda
I used Louis Marcel hair removing cream its for the face and bikini area. I found it on amazon and it does the job. Its extra gentle aswell so it doesn’t irritate your skin. The only down side is that mine does grow back but it doesn’t usually need redoing until about 3 weeks. Hope this helps, good luck
Kaz x

Thanks very much Kaz, I’ll order the Louis Marcel cream from Amazon. I stood for ages looking at all the creams in Boots thinking that I was going mad not being able to find one for the face.
Elinda x

Hi there,

I have just gone for it…all down the side of my face was always blonde, downy hair that I could live with but then it grew all black, which is what my new hair growth looks like too. It was all round the sides of my face, almost the start of becoming a wearwolf…Grrrrrrrrrrr

I used Nair in the sachets, no side effects at all, makes a change huh!!! so I am hair free, wearwolf hair, anyway although my hair on my head is wearing thin too…

Its growing back under my chin but not at the sides so I will have to keep the pluckers ready :o)

There is nothing so horrid as to feel so unfeminie that you can’t face the world…

Good luck to you ladies in what you decide

Clare xxx