Further assessment recall one year on

Hello, I am new to the forums although I have often browsed in the past year for info mostly about tamoxofen side-effects.

I have just had my 1st anniversary check up mammogram last Wednesday, after lumpectomy in Feb 2017. I was told that I would be telephoned if they needed to see me again, but instead I got a letter this morning saying they want to see me ‘for some further assessement as part of my ongoing care’. Needless to say I am gutted. I am hoping it is just that the xrays were faulty as they were done by a trainee radiographer, but doubt it really as she was supervised by a qualified one. I just wondered if anyone on here has been recalled like this? My initial treatment was for grade 1 IDC plus DCIS 17mm total area. So I had been thinking it was very small, caught very early and done and dusted! Apart from tamoxifen for 5 years. I didn’t have chem or rads either so I had been thinking I was lucky. Now I am worried all over again.

Any info or support would be lovely!




Hello and welcome to this lovely forum.


I am wondering if it is a follow up appointment with your consultant.  I have my mammo and then a follow up with my oncologist.  At that appointment he checks that I am ok and if I have any problems/issues with my tamoxifen.  I will be having these for 5 years.


Have they given you a date for the follow up apt that they are referring to in the letter?