Further findings on MRI

Just wondering how many have been diagnosed with a lump and then a further lump being found on MRI? I had a 25mm lump found on ultrasound and booked in for lumpectomy but consultant wanted an MRI first (due to being pre-menopausal and dense breast tissue??) - result today shows “another area of suspicion” so want to biopsy prior to surgery just in case mastectomy required - anyone else had this happen?

Hi Alex - me!
Oct 28th diagnosed with 2cm invasive lobular cancer and as with lobular was sent for an MRI scan
16th Nov - MRI
23rd Nov - results of MRI were … the 2cm lump was actually 4cm and a further 2cm lump was also found
22nd Dec - mastectomy

I was given the choice of lumpectomy or mastectomy and chose the latter as I am fairly small boobed and couldn’t imagine what a lumpectomy would look like to be honest

Do you have lobular cancer?

I didn’t have the smaller lump biopsies because they said there was no point if I was having a mastectomy. I got my post op results last Friday and both lumps were grade 2 lobular

Hope this helps

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah - I’m not sure what type it is all I know is original lump of 25mm was found on mammogram and confirmed by ultrasound/biopsy to be ER+ PR+ HER2 neg grade 2. Not sure if this other “suspicious area” will come back the same type??? I said to them can’t you just take it off and they said they have to justify mastectomy x

Do you have to have radiotherapy or chemotherapy?

Hi Alex. I was diagnosed with invasive ducal bc 2.2 lump in April last year in my left breast. My oncologist was keen to do MRI and ct before surgery. These lit up like Christmas trees and I had further MRI on liver (negative) and suspicious other areas in both breasts. My right breast had 3 lumps (all benign). Had a further MRI guided needle biopsy of left breast as something shown up behind nipple. The biopsy was inconclusive so my surgeon said I should have a mastectomy as he would have to remove both areas and make such a mess of my boob that reconstruction at a later date would be impossible. So I had a mastectomy. The final pathology results showed that the area behind my nipple was benign. All these tests were massively stressful, and MRIs are well known for giving false positives. But in the end it’s better to make sure. Probably not very helpful but at least you know that others have found themselves in the same boat. Sending hugs. Debbie

Thank you all - you’ve (yet again) calmed me down! I just want the surgery now whatever it needs to be as being diagnosed at Xmas it’s felt ages! X

Hi Alex, glad to hear you’re feeling calmer ? … I can’t tell you how many meltdowns I’ve had but it’s been a few ?
We all go into overdrive with our thinking as soon as something is mentioned regarding more tests or words that we haven’t heard before are said … but gosh, fair enough I say … we don’t know anything do we? It’s all new to us and our emotions are all over the place … positive … negative … fear and anxiety …

You are on the best site here, I’ve been around since the end of October and don’t know what I would have done without some of these ladies

I don’t know about my next step yet … I’m waiting for the results of the oncotype test so yet again in limbo land … the awful awful waiting for results time!

Sarah xx

Thanks Sarah x
Jo, yep Rolf and now Alf (Another Little F…)!

Hi Alex 


My MRI also found 2 other little lumps! 


So i now have my main one (35mm) and then one at 10mm, and another at 7mm.  I got told they are ‘suspicious’ too and have the same characteristics of the big one… so basically are also cancerous. At first I was so scared and worried and it just seemed like I was getting ravaged by this f*cker!


but my oncologist actually said it makes no difference to prognosis. The only thing that might have to happen now is a mx instead of a lumpectomy (that’s if the chemo doesn’t shrink them)


so please don’t worry xx


pink xx

Thanks Pink!!! I think this is an example of why thousands and thousands of people are surviving nowadays due to the medical technology we have that sadly wasn’t available or as good years ago. To get the whole picture first time is so important. I feel so much better today - Rolf and Alf (the twins) will be gone soon and can then get on with the rest of my life! You all have helped me so much!!! Xx

Exactly! Even though it’s a bit doom and gloom at this stage, it’s a must to know the full picture! And they are just covering all bases. It’s a fab service when you think about it xx

Hi team …

going to original conversation … I was diagnosed with one area and the second was indecisive, so went through second biopsy and more waiting.  Luckily second area for me was clear so WLE and not MX.  so hopefully this will help you.


Patricia … I have also got a good team and the breast unit in QA, Portsmouth are fantastic!  

Well went for appointment today following the findings on MRI and aswell as my original 25mm lump they have found 3 more but very small (1mm, 2mm and 6mm) therefore not having biopsy as radiologist said same characteristics as main one so mastectomy on Wednesday - lymph nodes still look normal but will obviously be checked out. Hail medical technology that’s all I can say! X

Thanks Helena - regarding nodes, the consultant said about a 3rd of people have them affected but he wasn’t concerned even if they do find mine to have cells in - he said that’s what the lymph nodes job is so they’ll deal with it if they are present and didn’t seem fazed at all! Made me feel more positive.

Oh and for the first time I asked what BC I have and it’s invasive DC - not really sure if it’s a common one or not

Good luck tomorrow Alex ?


Ive just come back from seeing my consultant and I’m definitely having a mastectomy after my chemo, so probably mid July… long old haul!


let us know how you are if you’re up to it xx

Thanks Pink, July will soon come round. I’m taking my phone so will let you know how I am as soon as I’m out of the groggy state! I’m having some dye put in in the morning and mx is in the afternoon and have opted for implant - wasn’t going to bother but I’m only a B cup and BCN said I was an ideal candidate really so thought might aswell. They said if I need radiotherapy there’s a small chance it can break the implant down but I would just cross that bridge if it happened. I’m all packed now, nil by mouth at midnight, a good nights sleep and got to be there at 8am. Onwards and upwards x

Good on ya… I’ll definitely be opting for reconstruction. I also have exactly the same bc as you… 


we’re all in it together. Look after yourself tonight. Xx

Thanks Pink - I’m ready!!! - tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my long life. Rolf, Alf and their siblings will be no more, off to histology they go in a bucket!

Woohoo go Alex!

Thanks Helena xx

I’m sat here perplexed cos I kept getting told my chemo was for breast conservation, but got told today I’m 99% gonna need a mx!

Ah well, they know best I suppose! Xx