Further spread of bone mets

Scan results back…lung mets and fluid has significantly reduced but bones mets have spread down spine and on ribs. Has anyone experienced this and had any positive stories. Was diagnosed in December 21 and had 3 cycles of palbo. Feeling disappointed

Hi Kittykat

Im so sorry that you’ve had this news. My mum was diagnosed in September 2021, started on palbo and had a very similar experience to you. After 4 cycles She was told it had worked in some places but not others and there had been some progression - we all felt devastated and disappointed that it had not worked as we’d hoped. The positive is that she has started on capecitabene and the side effects are (so far) tolerable and much better than on palbo - we have no idea yet whether it has had an effect on the mets but we can live in hope, and take comfort that she’s tolerating this treatment OK. I don’t know if this is the positive news you’d hoped for, but just to say there’s someone out there in the same boat, and that life after palbo can be hopeful and have some positives.



i was diagnosed June 21 with bone mets, was put on pablo which didn’t work for me I was so disappointed. The mets had spread to liver a small met, was put on capecitabine which I don’t know if it’s working I had scan on Monday and waiting for appt. I am just preparing for the worse which is how I work. Only ever been given bad news from my oncology team. Side effects were bad to start with then the dose was reduced and has been manageable for 4 weeks so far.

Best wishes and hugs

louise x