g-csf versus Neulasta

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I have some references to people having g-csf injections to help reduce neutropenia. Is it the same thing, just a different brand name as Neulasta and is it administered the same way? 

if it is the not same thing does anyone know why one would be chosen over the other?

 I had a 6mg injection of neulasta the day after my second FEC and will get the same in future cycles.




Hi Athens

Both neulasta and g-csf do the same thing. The biggest difference is the cost! I had neulasta after each of my chemo sessions and was lucky enough to avoid having and problems with my bloods :wink: Think different hospitals choose which injection to use! The plus with the one you are having, is that it’s just one injection! The other tends to be given over a few days! I was happy to only have to give myself one injection every 3 weeks!

Good luck with your treatment, wishing you all the best xx

I thought it was the same thing, i.e. Neulasta is a brand name for a form of GCSF. 




Did the job for me.  I had an injection done by the district nurse the day following each FEC-T chemo session - was standard protocol at the time at the hospital where I was treated. i.e. one injecton every 3 weeks.  My bloods were fine and my chemo sessions all went ahead as scheduled. 

Yes both do exactly the same job. I had 5 daily injections of Filgrastim whereas Neulasta is a one-off injection and so a more concentrated dose. More expensive but less hassle.