Gabapentin for nerve pain

Just wondered if anyone has had positive results using Gabapentin for bad nerve pain?  There are a few posts on the forum but they are quite a few years old now, and I would love to know if this drug has helped anyone who is still posting at the present time. I am worried about taking it during the day as I feel that drowsiness may be a problem with driving and working etc.

Many thanks


I take Gabapentin for nerve pain - nothing to do with the cancer. I have taken it for some time and found it works quite well for me. When I first started to take it I used to become ‘swimmy’ but as with many dugs this soon wears off and I am still fine with it for all activities

In fact once i had had my mastex I was pleased that I still take it. On the odd occasion when I don’t take it the pain is noticeable,

Hope this helps


I take Gabapentin for nerve pain as I have Ankolysing spondylitis . The trick is to build it up slowly little by little and reduce if you get the swimming effect. Until your body gets used to it, the swimming will fade, and then you can take more. I can work and drive on Gabapentin and it does work. I don’t get drowsy, but I do if I take too much too quickly. I had reduced my dose but had to build it up again but I am in so much pain that I am having to put up with a high dose side effects. But as I am off sick following a Diep for breast cancer. I am having an injection into my scarial iliac joints on Wednesday and that should be the end of Gabapentin for a while. I am also going to start anti TNF therapy, which will make me pain free . I have put this info in this post in case it helps you let me know if I can help some more

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Hi Kitten mad,

Can’t answer your question but I’ve been taking pregabalin which was one of several medications discussed. Though they are different, one similarity is the initial side effects which I found wore off over time, as did it’s effectiveness. I also use lidocaine patches (which I have a mixed feelings about - it takes the edge off). I’m not answering your question but interested in your experience as there seems limited treatment.