Galactocele? Turned out to be cancer?

Had my report back from the breast clinic. Has anyone been told they have a galactocele which turned out to be cancer after biopsies? 

I am hoping I am worrying over nothing. 

my report said I have a 18mm mass, in the left central upper breast, likely to be a galactocele but have requested a further ultrasound and biopsy due to the mass being solid.
2nd of July is my next appointment. 

I am breastfeeding and they wanted to wait to check for any change as they don’t like to biopsy when lactating. 

If anyone has had anything similar I would like to hear positive or negative stories. So I know what I’m looking at. 

many thanks 

Good morning Gooner20

I am sorry that you’re going through a worrying time.

While you wait for your next appointment, do you think you may wish to speak to someone on our nursing team? We have a team of breast care nurses who are always happy to chat things through.

You can reach us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm). Or if you find it easier, you can email the nursing team here:

Sending you our warmest wishes


i am waiting for some one who are same like me . I am 24 ,in march I found very solid lump under nipple while feeding . So in  ultrasound it’s  suspected 14 mm lump . In fnac it’s conform galactocele . So last may again I requested  ultrasound it not visible at all but lump is still there can anyone help me out

Haii plz tell me what happened with your reports I have small baby 


sorry to jump on your post but I see it was dated June and I’m wondering how you got on and how you are? 
Im going through something similar. 

I’m 25 and breastfeeding my 7 week old. Found a small hard lump in my left breast. Doesn’t move and isn’t painful. I attended the breast clinic last week and had an ultrasound which showed a ‘cyst’ with something solid inside it. They wanted to do a biopsy but said it wasn’t suitable due to lactation so I am currently waiting for the results of a fine needle aspiration. I also breastfed my 2 year old and have never had anything like this before. 

Thank you