Garlic healthy against cancer but ask your oncologist if ok during treatment


I read garlic is very healthy agains cancer and other deseases-

But in 2009 I posted a message named “anticancer cocktail”. There were some mistakes in this message.

Especially a mistake regarding garlic . At first the amount was much too high.

I read garlig has very interesting anti cancer properties (prevention, diminution of cancer rate, and so on).

But if you are under cancer treatment (also surgery) ask your oncologist if you can consume garlic (also to make sure there are no interactions.) . And make sure they really look for the information. It’s also important to talk about the amount. Also ask if you can consume the other foods that were in my message of 2009

. I also read we must avoid to consume it preserved)in the oil because of the risks of infection

I also read that garlic can have interactions with, some drugs (for instance HIV or blood thinning médications). Ask your doctor if you take these médications. And I personnaly am not a doctor and I don’t know all the interactions of garlic.

You must also communicate them the other treatments (than for cancer) you’re taking on the same time.

I don’t want that, because of my mesage, you think garlic is not good. It is very  healthy and has interesting propreties to fight against cance rbut it can have some interactions with some treatments . It’s a paradox. and it’s why it’s good to ask your oncologist. It would be a pity not to take benefit ot this food if your treatment doesn’t interact with garlic.

And when you ask your oncologist (or your doctor if you have other treatments than for cancer) , ask as soon as possible in order to have the optimal alimentation as soon as possible.

If you have comunicated the wrong infos regarding the anti cancer cocktail (from 2009 to people you know, tell them about my correction (also the fact that we must avoid tu consume it preserved in oil). But they also have to ask their oncologist if you are folowwing a treatment.

I also read it’s also important to work with a registered dietitian that knows well oncology, these 2 specialists have to work together.

Ask your oncologist to find you a good registered dietitian who knows well oncology. This ist important beacuse many studies showed an increased survival and thanks to the advises of a reg. dietitian. (before , during and on the long term going after the treatment). The name of this kind of specialist can vary from a country to another, that’s why it’s good to ask your oncologist the name of the most efficient kind of nutrition specialist for your situation

Finally I must say I am not a doctor and the content of this message is not a medical information. Ask your oncologist (also regarding the content of the message “anticancer Cocktail”)

Furthermore it’s important to know that the information regarding this subject evolves constantly during the years but my message is not updated.

Have a Nice day