Gateway C and GP Courses

Hi Everyone.

So pleased to hear Gateway C have been working alongside Breast Cancer Now to provide courses to GP’s on how to recognise symptoms of secondary breast cancer

I waited 6 months and numerous GP appointments before I was diagnosed!

I also wish I was given the list of possible symptoms of secondary breast cancer to watch out for after my treatment ended and I was given the “all clear” Any spread to lymph nodes which I had, is a higher risk of re occurrance and not necessarily in the breast again, even after chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 

Looking back, I started with back pain and fatigue about 6 years after treatment, but put it down to sitting at a computer most of the day and a quite stressful job. My cancer had spread to my spine and pelvis. 

Knowledge is power and had I been aware of the possible symptoms rather than just relying on a yearly mammogram I may have caught it a bit earlier. Who knows? 

Best wishes to all xx

Hi @paris Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts about our work with GatewayC to develop a new course for GPs and other primary care professionals. 

I’m sure someone will be along shortly to continue the conversation.

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Senior Digital Community Officer

I had the breast cancer care pack with a chart of all the symptoms of secondary cancer.  I had severe pain and went to my GP four times convinced I had secondary cancer in my bones but they insisted it was sciatica.  I ended up with spinal cord compression and had to have surgery to repair a spinal fracture.   It is shocking that so many GPs are unaware of the symptoms of secondary cancer.  I was really fobbed off and made to feel like a drama queen.  I so hope in future fewer people have to go through this.