Gel nails

Does anyone know if you can wear your gel nails when having surgery? I am asking for a friend who asked me and I have no idea?

I was told to remove all varnish from both hands and feet.


Isn’t it covered in the leaflet the hospital gives? I have mild sedation at the dentist’s and they are adamant that fingernails are clear of all varnish (that must include gels) as it’s one of the quick ways of identifying if something is going amiss during anaesthesia. My hospital said all finger and toe nails.


I would add that, after surgery, I had an allergic reaction to an adhesive in the dressings. I had to file my long nails down to the quick to avoid skin damage because of the itching. Dear god, I was going insane. I would have torn myself to shreds!! It might be worth sacrificing the love of gels just till she’s feeling better?

Yes all gel needs to be removed for surgery, can’t even have clear. I had a knee replacement last week and had to take it all off again, it’s gone back on today though! Good luck to your friend Xx