Gem-Carbo chemo. Anyone had experience of this they could share?

I saw my oncologist last week and my half way scan following 3 cycles of Abraxane shows only marginal improvement. As the peripheral neuropathy is quite marked she has suggested we finish with Abraxane and move on to Gemcitabine and Carboplatin instead. Great news that my hair will start to regrow but not sure about other side effects and how bad they might be. Any ladies out there got experience of this.

Thank you, any support gratefully received.

Hi @Lancashire Lass  I hope you are finding the Forum useful so far. There are many people’s experiences here that will hopefully be helpful to read. 

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Well I had the first dose a fortnight ago. It went well on the day and the day after but has been downhill all the way since. I think steroids have a part to play, I felt weak and trembly and I found it difficult to walk. Just generally really unwell. None of it helped by the extensive neuropathy in hands and feet and ears. On the Tuesday following I had pre chemo bloods taken and was told a couple of hours later that my neutrophils were in my boots and the second half of the cycle was cancelled. I was actually relieved because I felt so grim. The next cycle is scheduled for 10 days time. I really want this to work but I am wondering if a) it’s worth it b) I can tolerate it. TNBC seem to have so few options.