Gemcitabine & Carboplatin


I’m after any info from anyone who has been on the above Chemo drugs. I have had 2 cycles of Abraxane for a recurrence of BC (more info in profile) however the Onc has said that it doesn’t appear to be effective (my tumours are getting bigger)I’m terrified that I’m running out of options and the drugs simply are not working for me.

I start next week followed by a cycle the following week then a week break.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks. Claire.


Hi Claire

Please feel free to call our helpliners where you can talk through your concerns with someone in confidence, the line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat, the number to call is 0808 800 6000.

Take care

Hi Claire,

I am on this regime, and have just completed my 6th cycle - I was diagnosed with secondaries in my bones in February, but this is the first chemo I’ve had since then.

Everyone is different, but my experience on these two drugs has been not at all bad, and certainly far fewer side effects than with my earlier chemotherapies: cyclophosphomide/epirubicin and taxotere.

There is no hair loss, and I feel well pretty much throughout the cycles apart from a dip on day 5 and day 12 - I have my chemo on Wednesdays and seem to feel quite tired on the following Sundays.

I do experience some taste changes, but very mild compared to either of my other chemo experiences.

However, my oncologist warned me that this combination is hard on the body, and I have twice had to have blood transfusions for anaemia, and I also get a neulasta injection on every carboplatin day to combat neutropenia. I had an extra week’s break after 4 cycles, and will have another extra week between cycles 7 and 8, to give my bone marrow more time to recover.

The great news is that bone and CT scans taken after the first 4 cycles seem to show that it is working for me - I really hope it is effective for you too. Please feel free to pm me if you want to discuss anything further,

Julie x

Sorry Claire can’t help re experiences of those 2 chemos, but I can identify with that helpless feeling that nothing seems to be working!

I just wanted to bump you up and say good luck with it. Hope that it works and blasts the tumours!

Nicola xx

Thanks Nicola & Julie positive comments do help. Just been for my Kidney Test (GFR) which was a bit of a nightmare as I’ve got a central line in but they couldn’t use it so I once again became a human pin cushion, kind of defeats the object of having a line but seemingly there not trained to use lines in that dept?!

Just want to start and crack on with it, every day without treatment I feel the lumps are getting bigger :frowning:

Claire x


I had some Gem as part of a trial so it’s not quite the same but haven’t had Carboplatin. When I had chemo 3 yrs ago, I had 4 x EC then 4 x gem/paclitaxel before surgery in the hope of shrinking the tumours. The gem was every 2 weeks. They did work enough to allow surgery even though I have bone secondaries and I haven’t had any other chemos since (will highly likely need some more at some point).

The only side effects I had were that I got increasingly tired and had some aches but it was do-able for me. Felt easier than the EC like geewhizz says.

Good luck with it and hope you find it works quickly and effectively without much in the side effect department. I had lunch with M today and she told me so I’ve looked up this thread to reply.


Thanks Liz, Mandy mentioned you were meeting up. Pleased to hear it worked for you, makes me feel a little better.

Claire x