Hi there
Have just had my first dose of Gemzar ( its to be once a week for 2 weeks and 1 week off)
All I had was a real flu effect for 2 days so if it stays like that then I can work with that
Anyone else out there on it please
Love to you all jANE

I had gem with carboplatin and as I’m a long way down the line my body couldn’t cope with the 2 weeks on and 1 week off so had it 3 weekly and was OK. Got a bit tired towards the end but then as it looked as if it was my last option I had 9 cycles. I didn’t have any flu like symptoms.
I’m sure there have been have been threads about this - lots of places call it gemcetabine so you might find it under that but I think most people tend to have it with another chemo rather than on its own.
Hope all goes well for you