Gene testing: Waiting for results

I’ve scoured the Internet and really struggling to find people currently in same situations or recently waiting for results. 

I was told it would take about 4 weeks to receive results following my blood test, and that I would receive an appointment for a phone call with results (my request, they did offer face to face). 

How did people cope with the wait? Did anyone have to wait longer than 4 weeks after being told 4? Or did you get results sooner? 

I also don’t know whether I’ll get the appointment in the post or if she’ll call to arrange a time to call with results? Wishing I’d asked that question at the appointment now! 

If anyone can help ease my anxieties it would be great fully received!

Hi lala4321,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry you haven’t had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see your post and share their experience.

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Hello @lala4321  

Sorry that you find yourself in an anxious state waiting to hear for test results. I haven’t myself had to wait for similar test results but I did have to wait for results of my sentinel node biopsy following my breast cancer surgery which I was originally told would “be around 3 weeks” so I had that date fixed in my head. 
When I had not heard I rang my breast care nurse (fearing I had been forgotten!) but was told that they were waiting for the pathology lab to send the results but they were experiencing some delays which is why I hadn’t heard (literally around an hour later my consultant’s secretary phoned to say they had come in and was I available for an appointment)

My point is that when having tests like this, there is a huge amount of people/procedure and other factors behind the person taking the sample and giving you a time estimate and the timescale is not something they actually have any control over and all they can really do is manage your expectations.  I’m 99% certain that your results will be communicated to you when they are available (I say 99% certain as no system is completely infallible and tests can get lost), so if you still haven’t heard after four weeks I’d suggest you ring and chase. 
As I’ve said on a number of occasions on this forum when we live in a world where we can find answers to millions of questions at the click of mouse, waiting to find the answer to a question which can’t be found in that manner is extra hard. In terms of coping with the wait and anxiety I would suggest you look at some of the many many strategies which are out there for managing anxiety such as mindfulness, exercise, baking: anything which helps to dull the anxious bit of your brain and enables you to carry on with day to day life, whilst you may be having lots of “what if” thoughts as many ladies on this forum will say is “fears aren’t facts” and things are much easier once you know the facts and have a plan for dealing with whatever those facts are. 
I hope your wait isn’t too much longer and the results are what you want to hear. 

AM xx