Genetic testing

Genetic testing

Genetic testing Has anyone undergone genetic testing due to a family link?

If so what is involved? What happens? How long do you wait? What info is given.

Mum was recently diagnosed and this was mentioned so thought i’d get the facts then she can stop worrying abot me and my sister

Dear Ilovemymum Breast Cancer Care has published a factsheet about familial breast cancer which may answer some of your questions, you are also welcome to contact our helpliners for further information on this subject on 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

You can read the factsheet via the following link:

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Hi there if you look on page 2 here there is a thread started by me asking about genetic testing. I had some really helpful advice from other ladies here and it will answer your questions. I went for my appointment last December, my daughter was invited to attend with me. I was dreading it but it was actually ok. We saw a lovely doctor and I have been told even if I don’t have the gene my daughter will be kept an eye on and my sister is now having early mammograms.
I don’t expect to get the result until later this year.

Genetics Hiya,

I was referred to the Genetics Dept at Birmingham Womens who sent me a form to fill out detailing my family and if they have had any cancers. I returned it and had an appointment to discuss it with them in January. I had already given them blood for testing, as did my mum, so they didnt need to take it at this appointment. We just went through what i had put on the form, discussed the various outcomes and what they could mean and also the psychological side of things ie if it is inherited will i blame my mum, will she blame herself, if my sister doesnt have the gene would i resent her etc. All these things the Genetics Counsellor brought up which i hadnt already thought about. She was very nice and we decided to go through with the testing in the hope that the results could help my sister or our children. I was told the results would come back within 8 weeks and i have been sent an appointment for the 16th of March to discuss the results so fingers crossed.

I hope this helps you decide. The whole process has been pretty painless - so far.

Good luck.

Ju xx

Thank you and good luck Thank you for the information doesn’t sound too scary put like that. But for you sakes I hope you all come back with no link - Its bad enough all of us can get cancer without knowing genetically your predisposed!!

Will be thinking of you!