My Aunty died due to HER-2 3 years ago. My mother has recently since been diagnosed with triple negative brest cancer. I have been referred to the breast cancer history unit but am very confused. Firstly, my mother and aunty were diagnosed with different types of breast cancer. Secondly, are either or both relevant to having a genetic disposition? My grandfather; their father and his brother both died of a bone cancer. I have psyched myself up for the genetic test but if the unit are in doubt what can I do? I have had to fill a questionaire in and am sure my great- grandmother had breast cancer also but have not put this in the form as it was not asked for.

Hi catarratto

I have moved your post to the family history forum where more people with similar queries will read it, I hope you don’t mind. You may find it useful to read the Breast Cancer Care factsheet on familial breast cancer as it includes information and advice about screening when there is a family history:

You can read this on-line by using the following link :-

I hope you find this helpful. Our helpliners will also be happy to talk to you about your concerns on 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

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Hi Catarratto
Do look at the BCC sheet that Lucy mentions because their pubs are really informative.
As far as the family history unit are concerned, I would advise that you go along to your appointment armed with as much info about your family as possible - including people that werent asked for, as the more info you have the better they are placed to make a decision on your possible familial risk.

The whole process should be done at your speed though, so dont feel rushed to have a test or any other things done until you are ready - but having them check out what the info tells them may be useful to you.

They should also Counsel you as to the implications of testing, and what a family history may mean for you.

YOu can stop or pause the process whenever you wish (i had 2 “talking” appointments and then decided I didnt want the test then, so didnt go back for a year.) A good family clinic shouldnt do the test until they feel you are ready to deal with the outcome.
Best wishes, and get in touch if you have any other questions.