I had a MX in April last year and still haven’t found the ideal prosthesis and bra . Now looking into the genie bra but not sure if it fits me. My normal bra size is 34 C, the smallest genie bra says large 12. I’m petit in general, anyone know if it’s a waste of money to buy them?


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chemo brain ruling me thinks, sorry just seen that they come in 8 and 10 as well.

I have a genie bra and I bought the size 14 - I am a 36D - they are very comfy but my boobs seem to sit quite low compared to when I wear an “normal” bra.

I ordered a size 10 from amazon, hope it fits. My MX side is still quite sensitive to touch, esp just below the armpit (had ANC).

Genie bras are fab and i can’t wait to start wearing them again as they are so comfy. At the moment I can’t wear it as I have just had a MX and ld back flap and can’t get it over my head! I am having to wear traditional sports bra that fastens at the back. I am a 36c the 14 fits well. Xxxxx
Ps have a look at high street tv website they were doing a special offer onpacksof three. Xx

I bought one from Sainsburys for £8! It is their version of the Genie bra and has removable pads so you can fit the prosthesis in there (might take a bit of squashing to get it in but it does go) and I find it soo comfortable. They have them in black, white and skin coloured.

My OH went shopping for me last week to get either a genie or belvia bra but couldn’t find either but as a substitute he came back with Asda’s version. Really comfy with removable pads and you can step into it as opposed to pulling over your head ( still in heaps of pain from ANC on 18th) and bargain at £6 each in black white and skin coloured I think. He got a huge hug for coming back with the goods lol x

I love mine, especially with a ‘beanie boob’, which are the most comfortable and realistic boob-substitute I’ve found…

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you should be able to step into the bra i do and just pull it up

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hats a beanie boob and where do you get them???

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Hi check out ebay i bought a couple to sleep in as i have a hickman line and felt safer wearing something at nigh, mine have not got pockets though so ? maybe no good but some of them might have.
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Hi jenny, I am sure I will be able to step into it soon, at the moment I have too much swelling and fluid so the wholething is too tight wHich is unfortunate. I have bought a tradional sports bra two sizes bigger and have still got 3 expanders in the back…i am only 17 days post op so I am sure it will improve soon. Xxxxx

Bras arrived last week, size 10 seems OK, my normal bra size is a 34 C. They are sooooooooooooo comfy, but when I put a normal prothesis in it sits quite a bit lower than my real boob, so it looks lopsided, it just doesn’t give the same support as a mastectomy bra. So I put the softie in and because the softie is so light it works well. Never thought that this prothesis lark is so complicated. Have also ordered another prothesis from amoena, I gave up with the BCN and do my own thing now!

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Hi everyone, Just to say Sainsburys do a copy of the Genie Bra, with or without little pads. They come in Small, Medium and Large in Black, Flesh and White. They are £8 each and really comfortable.

Hi Jenny–it’s really called a ‘been-a-boob’. I got mine from Nicola Jane. It is a bag filled with some sort of little beads that works as a prosthesis. I quite like it–it can be kindof prodded into shape, has a good weight and is easy to wear and not fabulously expensive. But some women hate them, so it’s a judgement call. I’d say that if you want to wear skin-tight t-shirts and thin bras, been-a-boobs are probably not for you, cause you can’t make them look ‘real’ in that way. Add more GI-Jane! I think you may be the one who inspired me to try mine.

I bought 6 genies bras from the height street shopping web site and they were under £50 inc delivery . I had a Mx and ANC on the 25 haven’t worn a bra since too uncomfortable yet hoping they will be o.k.

I have two of the Asda versions. Comfy, even for my 44d on right side. But prosthesis and comfie seem to ride up inside it and peek out at the top!!