Please help calm me down!! I had the triple assessment 12 days ago for the lump I found in my left breast, and after waiting for what seems like forever I will finally get my results back at 12.00 today. I am absolutely petrified. My head’s been in a spin for the last 12 days but part of me also wishes “D-day” hadn’t arrived yet, as I can’t bear the thought that in a couple of hours my world might come crashing down. I seriously don’t know how I’m going to cope if it’s bad news. I truly admire all the ladies on here who are going through it in such a calm and accepting way, as well as supporting people like me. So, any positive vibes sent my way would be truly appreciated, and I’ll keep you posted.


Caro, positive vibes and big hugs coming right atcha!!! Horrible, horrible time but at least the waiting will be over. Do let us know how things go, we’re all here for you. love and hugs Pat x

Hi Caro,

If you need someone to talk to while you are waiting to go for your appointment then please do phone the helpline, the staff are here to support you through this. Lines are open until 5pm today (Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm) Calls are free, 0808 800 6000

Take care.

Jo, Facilitator

dear caro,

firstly don’t kid yourself that all who post on here are managing calmly, i for one have had my sorry you have had to wait so long for your results.
i do think when you hear your results either way you will feel some relief, just knowing what to do next is so much better than waiting in ‘limbo land’. is any one going with you? you shouldn’t do this on your own. when i was diagnosed the breast care nurse stayed with me after the dr and explained everything again and answered my questions and supplied the tissues.
if it is the worse news then remember you can now do something about it… the fight is on! you will cope your way and there isn’t a wrong or right way.

sending you cyber hugs and real love and you will be in my thoughts and prayers at 12 o’clock… let me know how you get on,


Wishing you lots of luck for today, we’ve all been there and I’m sure we were all trembling wrecks. I know I was - I was in tears the whole morning waiting to go to the hospital.

Odds are you will be fine. If you are unlucky you WILL cope and we will all be here to hold your hand and help you through it.

Fingers crossed we’ll see you back here later with good news. :slight_smile:

Thank you all so very much for your kind words and support. I’m so touched, I’m sat here struggling to keep from crying - don’t want my mascara to run before I even get to the hospital!

I will definitely let you know how things go. Fingers crossed…

Love, Caroline xx

Dear Caroline
Also thinking of you today and hope you don’t have to join us. I so remember that awful feeling during the waiting which is so hard and so horrible.

Thinking of you.
Best wishes

Thinking of you - and hope that it has been good news… {{{hugs}}}


Hi Caro

Thinking of you and wishing you positive news x

Hoping it was good news and you are out celebrating.Gill x

hope you got good news news!, if not there are lots on here to support you, i have found this site invaluable! love Debs xx

Thank you all for your continued support and positive vibes. However, unfortunately it was bad news; I do have breast cancer. I’m still quite shell-shocked, as you can all imagine. I feel like I’m on an emotional roller-coaster; one minute feeling really positive that it will turn out ok, and then next sick to the stomach and thinking about death.

It turns out my lump is 1.3cm and grade 2. The FNA they took from the armpit is clear. The worst part, however, is they want to do an MRI scan to ensure that I don’t have any other lumps (being young - 36 - my breasts are too dense to show anything on mammogram), as my mother died of BC quite young. So, another waiting game. MRI on Monday and discuss the results with consultant on Friday. I can’t believe I’ve got to go through more waiting and fearing it’s worse than it first appears.

I feel I’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time on this website, as without all of your shared experiences and support I don’t think I’d get through it. Any further advice and words of wisdom truly welcomed.

Caro xx
PS. I realise I’m sounding purely selfish at the moment but I promise that will change once my head stops spinning, and hopefully I’ll be able to offer reciprocal support soon!

So sorry to read of your diognosis, c**p and not what anyone wants. You seem to have a good med. team, doing ALL the tests needed. It is an emotional nightmare, but with friends both real at online things are more managable. One day at a time.
Sending you lots of hugs and best wishes Alice.

Hi Caro, I can completely relate to your fears and I know that the waiting is awful. This may not work for everyone, but my doctor suggested I have some sleeping tablets and tranquillisers to tide me over the initial ‘shock’ bit and get some decent sleep. Although I didn’t use them much, I did find them helpful at times, and just knowing I could do something to help myself through the first ‘tail spin’ stage was a positive thing for me. Like everyone else on this site I hope you get good news from your MRI scan. Keep busy and think positive girl. I’m sorry you have had to go through this, but there are lots of people here who have been through very similar things and we are all here for you. x

Caro, so sorry it was bad news. I echo what Alice says, your med team seem very on the ball with tests etc. I found that once I knew exactly what I was looking at, and what treatment I was to have, I felt a little better. The waiting is the absolute worst. You will find lots of support on here and lots of good advice, too. Make use of it, and your bcn. I made lists of questions to ask as once I was actually talking to a healthcare professional, a lot of what I wanted to ask I couldn’t remember! And, again as Alice says - one day at a time. I was dx last October and can hardly believe that I’m where I am now, end of treatment, thinking about going back to work. It’s an awful time, a rollercoaster to be sure! but completely do-able. Take care of yourself, we’re all here for you. love and hugs Pat x
PS Please don’t EVER think you’re being selfish by asking for support. We’ve all been there. PM me at any time if you want to. x

Caro, like many of us, I’d been checking this thread for news. So sorry to hear that it’s bc. I just wanted to mention the MRI, I had to have one soon after my diagnosis (almost 3 years ago!) It is a noisy procedure, be warned! but it’s good that you can have it soon. Hoping that it shows no additional problems (MRI is known to be more accurate than mammograms in younger women) and that you’ll do well on treatment. Waiting is grim, we’re here to help support you.

Sorry to hear you are joining the club Caro…but as the other ladies have said…you will get loads of support and good advice on this site. You do sound to have a good medical team and your bcn are there for your support too. If you have any questions…ring them up.
A week can seem like months…and unfortunately thats the worst part of all this…the waiting. Can I suggest you take it a step at a time…don’t think further than you have to…its easier to cope with. As Cass says , taking a list of questions with you is always a good idea. Just writing them down will help to organise in your head what you want to say. I did that too…but I went through them several times and when it came down to it they remained in my pocket…I forgot about them, but the questions came naturally. If you can take someone else with you thats very helpful too. Its a lot to take in.
Caro you are not being selfish!!! For the moment ‘you’ are what matters and getting your head round things. Emotionally you will be up and down …but even those further down the track…are too!!!

take care and keep posting!!!

Oh you poor love, I’ve been checking this thread hoping to see good news for you too. So sorry you’re joining us, I was dx in December and had to wait 4 weeks post surgery to find out the full extent of what I had going on inside me. I won’t lie, it was hellish. Once you know where you stand it becomes easier to move forwards and just get on with things. I was prescribed low dose diazepam to carry me over the first few tailspin weeks for if/when I felt really bad. I didn’t take them all the time, but they did help when the panic took over and there’s no shame in needing a bit of help in the initial days.

I agree with what others have said. Try not to look at the big picture because you will just go into all the “what ifs” and scare yourself witless. Focus on the next stage, deal with the bit after that when you get to it.

I promise it does get easier once you know exactly what’s what and what your treatment plan will be. I’m now just over half way through my chemo and for the most part feel positive that I am going to get through this ok. It’s not fun, but as others say it is doable.

Hang on in there and keep talking, we’re all here for you.


Hei Caro111.

I am a breast cancer survior of 6 weeks and due to start chemo tomorrow. Be positive, I was informed on 1 April 2009 that I had cancer I since then I have probably cried for a total of 1 hour, then it was when I was first told that I had breast cancer and when I saw the scar when my breast used to be.

I have also been a postive person, my thoughts are what does not kill you only makes you stronger and that you are not sick, you only have an annoying disease that has interrruped your life for a couple of months. In fact everybody keeps on commenting on how brave I have been. For god sake I am not dying.

So keep on being postive and enjoy life.

Ps Love the boobs hate the cancer

So sorry to hear that it was bad news… can only echo what the others have said…

Theresa x