Geting worried

Geting worried

Geting worried Hi every one,
I hope some one can help me. I though I had got of light with the cancer. I was told l had a Lobular Carcinoma - grade 3 cancer, with clear outer margins and no lymph node involved. I’m also hormone positive
So far so good – I’ve to get 6 chemo treatments and 20 rad sessions and perhaps a few more for a top up, then a hormone tablet from the next 5 years. This gives me 80% of no recurrence of bc in the next 5 years.
I read on here that lobular is not really cancer and can be left alone. Also that older women don’t usually get both chemo and rads– so are the breast care team taking ultra precautions?
Just to muddy the water so to speak, the surgeon said he would do a small cut – a lumpectomy – I got a big cut from one side of the beast till the other,I am now a b cup at that side and have to use a balancer.
I have also noticed that everyone else seems to have ductal carcinoma,
Sorry to be a pest - but this is starting to get to me.

Ps if this appears twice it’s cause I pressed the wrong button – again.

Hope this helps I think the issue here is whether you have Lobular Carcinoma In Situ or Invasive Lobular Cancer. Lobular Carcinoma In Situ is considered a pre-cancer. There is more info on these two forms of Cancer in this website

lobular cancer From what you say you are having chemo. You wouldn’t be having this if you had the non invasive kind of lobular cancer - lobular carcinoma in situ as it is called. They know think this is a marker for the fact you may get breast cancer in the future, but the cells are inside the duct therefore haven’t got the capacity to spread.

I thnk about 15% of breast cancers are of the lobular variety, ductal is about 70% and the rest are cancers of special type such as mucinous, papillary. The special type ones tend to have more favourable outcomes, lobular and ductal are about the same. The grade of cancer is important in both varieties, i.e how abnormal the cells are and how quickly they are dividing.

Lobular cancer often doesn’t give an obvious lump, but maybe a hard area instead. Being diagnosed with lobular cancer makes you at higher risk of having breast cancer in the other breast too, although it doesn’t raise your risk hugely.

Lobular cancer starts in the lobes of the breast. The ducts run from the nipple to the lobes, the lobes are where the milk is produced. There are drawings of what the breast looks like in various Cancer Bacup publications e.g. Understanding Cancer of the Breast.


How are you? Have not heard from you Glo. Just wanted to know how you are getting on.

thanks for info and support Sorry to have taken so long to reply to you all. Thanks for the info it all made sense. After I posted the pc was closed down as we haved house - we also went on holiday the day after the move.
Have started chemo and have posted on the undergoing treatment board.
Thanks again take care Glo