Getting another comfy as prothesis not working

I only find my comfy any good for when I need to get out and about . At work my proth just leaves

me hot and sweaty.

Where could I get another comfy?

Hi - I’ve recently bought a couple from Amoena website. These are the same ones I was originally given at hospital. I know M&S do breast forms - but have never tried them. Hope this helps x

Hi Tralala

I agree with you about the silicone prosthesis - far too hot and heavy in this weather. Nicola Jane have a good selection of breast forms. I was originally given their catalogue by my breast nurse but they have a good website too. I have recently bought one that bridges the gap between the silicone heavyweight and the original comfy. It is lightweight foam with a silicone centre. I find that the best of a bad bunch, although most things feel like a barbed wire vest as the day wears on. M & S breast forms are very unyielding with uncomfortably sharp edges. 

Sadly, nothing beats the comfort of a real boob, does it? 

Thanks. I will have a look . The thing is it is not good for your back to go without a bra over the longer term. But being lopsided is not much better.

Hi Tralala

You might also consider the knitted knockers which are by far the most comfortable in my opinion, though of course they are no match in terms of weight. They are free, you can indulge yourself and choose rainbow or any colour you like, nipple or no nipple, and they arrive very quickly in my experience.

There is a wonderful charity called Knitted Knockers, their volunteers knit lovely soft bra inserts, I have two one for swimming and one for everyday use, they make them to your size. May be worth a try. 

Hi, like the others have mentioned the knitted knocker is a great middle ground. I had my mastectomy a year ago  and struggled to wear anything. Now I have a new job in a school and need to have something got as want to avoid the BC and no boob question. The prosthesis comes out rarely but the knitted one is great. As they are a charity they are free so great to try if don’t want to/ can’t afford others.  In fact I have just had an aqua one delivered this week so I can swim again. My amoena  swimwear has a formed cup which looks silly left empty

hope you find something that works for you xxx