Getting concerned

I am 50 years old and am getting worried about my right breast. I had a nasty fall some months ago (due to diabetic hypo but was alone). After that, I had many bruises but a very large one on my right breast. After consulting the good ole Doctor Google (I know, always a bad idea) having felt a large lump I started to panic. Ergo, assuming this was a bruising as a result of fall and the lump occurred also as a result, I have waited.


However, this was now about 6 months ago and my breast is rather tender (unfortunately I cracked a rib a week ago so am hoping that is why). But also, the nipple is sort of inverted a bit and the surrounding bit is darker than the other breast and the lump (if I press it, albeit quite small) is painful. In addition, there are quite a few white spots underneath the lower area of the areola more on that one than the other. The areolae are quite large on both (my breasts have grown and shrunk over the years due to weight gain and loss etc) but the veins within that right one is more blue in my opinion.  The white dots thing was a mistake to Google as the first site that appeared referred to cancer as indeed were all the other things I refer to.


Historically, my Grandmother had a fall which (family chatter) decided caused hers but she would not let a man examine her and died in the bedroom at home with my Mother “packing the holes” (Good grief and Thank Christ women are less daft now about things). My Mother also has had breast cancer but, due to my Dad, saw a doctor quickly and she seems to have beaten it (that was about 20 years ago).  However, I am not like my Mum or Grandma at all who were/are both non smoking, non drinking religious ladies. I have not treated myself well at all over the years despite being Type 1 diabetic since aged 9. I have done everything wrong to be honest.


I have a standard mammogram (as ordered by the NHS for women over 50) in about 10 days (4th June to be precise) but I would be grateful for any thoughts on the above to enable me to prepare for this as I am kind  of alone in these thoughts.


Thanks to anyone in advance, Julia

Julie - stay away from Google - it will often give you inaccurate information and only a doctor with the help of further tests /imaging can work out what is going on with your breast .       -I think it may be worth going to your GP about this so that if necessary your mammogram appointment can be changed to an appointment with a doctor at the breast clinic and you can have further tests if necessary .If you go for routine mammogram and they are concerned they will recall you but this will add an additional week to the process and mean a further week of worry and you still have 3 weeks before that appointment -GP may be able to put your mind at rest but whatever the situation it is better to know and get on with dealing with it than torture yourself with worry .