Getting ears pierced after treatment.

Hi girls, i firstly will apologise for my trivial question.
I have a problem in that i feel very sure my OH has bought me some earrings for my birthday. I think they are to match a necklace he bought me for xmas.
I have just come to an end of 6lots of chemo and 20 rads. I am on antibiotics at the mo as my clothes rubbed on my scar under my arm and has made me mega sore(it isnt in the rads field )i have been told its due to my skin being very thin because of chemo.
I have had my ears pierced but one keeps closing up it has done it for ages. I really dont want to disappoint my oh as its ages since hes made the effort to go oht and choose a surprise. I usually have to get my own lol. Sorry if i offend anyone with my trivial question as i know yoh are all going through treatment ect. Just wondered if anyone could help xx

First things first, repeat after me:


Back to your question, the potential problem you might find is with infection, as after 6 lots of chemo you will probably find your white blood cell count is still pretty low. So if you DO want to get your ear pierced, try to give yourself as long as you can after chemo to allow your blood count to return to normal, and also be very meticulous about keeping the piercing spotlessly clean.

I also suggest you give the helpline a ring tomorrow to see if they have any particular guidelines about how long to leave it, and have a very happy birthday, how nice of your OH.

Oh thanks Choccie ,so kind of you to reply.My oh has really made an effort i am so lucky. I think my resistance is really low at the mo as I’ve been so run down over xmas .Ended up with a really bad cold ,bleeding cracked lips ,and 2 really sore areas since rads .Think one of them could be infected !!! Your advice seems very sensible i will seek advice.In saying all that i still managed to enjoy xmas(apart from feeling guilty at everything i ate and drank lol )so will get there.
I think the rads tiredness act has finally got me.Hope you and yours had a lovely time too .
Sharon xx