Getting excited...............

Hi ladies, I had my 5th round of TAC last Wednesday which means I have ONE MORE TO GO…yayyyyyyy - yipppeee. I have 4 weeks of Rads, but surely its nothing compared to the chemo?

And…Shhhhh, but I have a few odd wisps of hair starting to sprout, is this normal even though I havent finished chemo yet?

Love to you all

Sharon x

Hi Sharon

Yes I sprouted hair between my 3 and 4th chemo (FEC) and its continued to sprout during my last 4 (TAX) I had 8 in total. I just finished yesterday.

So yes, what you are witnessing is quite normal for many ladies. I didn’t overly mess about with it (over wash and brush it etc) I just let it be and let it do what it wanted to.

I just use pure coconut oil on it every day and still do as i threw out all of my chemical, paraben laden hair & body products.

Happy hair day! :slight_smile:

Roll on your last chemo!!!

Ooooh - Thank you. Coconut oil is now on my shopping list…grow baby hair folicles grow…

Hey, and well done you - you have finished chemo.

I am bubbling with excitement of just one more to go.