Getting old or something not right?

Excuse the ramble but I think writting it down will help clear my mind a little. I noticed last night that one nipple is kind of flat, well I say flat its sunk in. It will go errect but not pop out like the other one. It looks sunk in and is even more sunk in when I lift my arms up. Even when I lean forward and let gravity do its bit, the right one follows gravity the left stays inverted. The top of the nipple is defintley more sunk in than the bottom, kind of on a slant. TBH I think it might have been like this for a few months but it definetly never used to be! I am 39.5 (clinging on to my thirties lol) I have small breasts (b-c cup) is it just age catching up with me ie the nipples start to sink in or is it something I should get checked? I have a thick discharge out of both but more on the left, I have prolactinoma which causes a discharge but the meds Im on should have stopped it really. 
I cant feel any lumps, I dont want to waste the GP’s time (nor do I really want to go to be honest) but Im a bit worried as to wether it is a age thing or something I should get checked. 
Has anyone else had something simillar?

Hello Me1975

Welcome to the forums, you’ve come to the right place for support as the users of this site have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them.

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence you may like to phone our helpline  where you can talk to a member of staff who are there to support you. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open again in the morning and normal hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes

June, moderator

I would say get it checked - just in case. My GP said that my nipple indention was down to age (I was 58) but eventually it turned out that I had BC even through it was non-invasive and the lump was very small. It is better to be safe than sorry and GP’s don’t consider your enquiry to be a waste of time.

Hi there, I agree with the other reply, a nipple that looks different from what it used to look like, inverting, definitely get it checked out by you GP. That is what they are there for, you are not wasting their time. Nipple inverting was how I discovered I had BC.I hope there is another reason for your nipple changes, but please do get it checked out soon. Very best wishes,

Thank you guys, going to ring the GP tomorrow,  My nipple is often crusty too, so something isnt right. So nervous but will get it checked, its better than the stress and worry I am going through at the moment! Will keep you posted :0)

Plucked up the courage to go to the docs, in a nutshell I have been refered to the hospital, have to ring  in the morning to get a appointment, they said it will be within 2 weeks. Been through every emotion under the sun!

My appointment is for the 10th June, been told to allow 3 hours! Had to tell work as needed to request the time off. Now in limbo for two weeks :0( 
Ive never looked at my poor boobs so much lol but against alll hope and wishing my nipple is still well and trully sunken in. Doc agreed in his words “there is definite dimpling” Never thought to ask at the time whether he meant dimpling or sunken nipple dimpled in.Why is it always so easy to think of what you should have asked after the event!!
Cant let myself think past the next two weeks so its head down and plod on.
It helps writting on here and reading other peoples stories though :0)

Hi kerry

Good luck for the 9th. It’s so hard isn’t it. My emotions are on a roller coaster. I got wrong (in a jokey way) off hubby yesterday for asking if he was ok. Bless him, he said its his job to look after me and I’m not to worry about him.

Sounds like they’ve caught what ever it is early Kerry. Means they can keep a eye on you. Is anyone going with you on the 9th? X