Getting on with life after cancer


My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. She was pregnant at the time and had to start chemo straight away. She has gone through chemo, giving birth, a mastectomy and radiotherapy in the last year.

Today is her first mammogram since the diagnosis and treatment last year.

I have been worrying about this day for months, ever since we found out when the appointment would be. I find it really hard to think about a future and keep thinking my sisters cancer is going to return. If not now but in a year or 2 years time. I find it hard not to think or imagine the worse case scenarios.

Does this feeling stop or do you always have the thought it will come back, at the back of your mind?

I am still having chemo, having been diagnosed aged 36 in march, so cannot advise you on how life is after cancer treatment, but i just wanted to say that today must be a very difficult day for you all and i hope your sister gets good results. Can you let us know?




I was diagnosed 5.5 years ago and was desperate to get past it. I did. Although I was still having yearly checks, I managed to banish thoughts of breast cancer to be part of my history, not part of my future. I honestly thought I would never see or hear from it again. So it is possible to put it behind you, mentally.

Unfortunately i’m now coping with a recurrence which is another story (and not typical at all of my diagnosis so don’t let that be the point of my message!) but I had a good 4yrs of feeling thankful the cancer had gone and was all in the past.

Counselling helped. And quite honestly, in the end I got really bored with thinking and reading about cancer and just started concentrating on other aspects of life instead.

Good luck to your sister. xx

I am coming up to 1 year from dx. I had a mx, chemo, rads and I am now on herceptin. It will be 1 year in August, I have coped well so far but I am finding myself thinking “this time last year” thoughts. So not coping so well at the moment, finding myself breaking down at the slightest thing. So heres hoping to good results, and I can start getting on with life again

My sister has just got her results and the scan has gone well. Next scan is in 6 months time.

So i should be really positive and happy but its difficult to feel like that when you think in 6mths time we will go through all these emotions again until we get the results.


Am so pleased the scan was clear. Please celebrate the good news. No one knows the future but for now celebrate. Dx

What about you Owl - are you being screened too? My sister is having genetic counselling next month - one year from my diagnosis. Like you, when you think of your sister, I have my fingers well and truly crossed as well. xox

im coming up to my one year anniversary next month too. Got my mammo beginning of Aug.

I like the thought that bc was in our past, not our future. thanks for the positive way of thinking about it.