Getting paranoid about affected breast after 2nd treatment

Hi ladies, I have just had my 2nd chemo treatment a few days ago. I have IDC, lymph nodes affect and HER-, 3cm stage 2/3 lump with more cancer calc in the same breast. I’m getting a bit paranoid that the chemo is not shrinking it! I haven’t had surgery yet but will have a MX and FNC. I keep feeling my breast and my lump and it doesn’t feel smaller and my breast feels heavier and fuller. Is this normal? I am due to have a Breast MRI a week after my 3rd treatment so that will tell us more. But until then I’m thinking what if it carries on growing! My oncologist said my type of BC he doesn’t expect it to disappear. What could other ladies experience after 2 treatments? Did you feel any difference in your affected breast for those who have IDC. Thanks. Just keep obsessing over it? Xxx

Hi Millasmummy x

I had a 7.5-8cm lump like yours my oncologist wasnt expecting it to shrink to nothing . During chemo I was convinced it was growing my boobs felt all kinds of weird sensations and heavy turns out it was it softening & shinking . One of the nurses reminded me chemo is for stray cells so if it shrinks your tumour even a little it will be doing its job on those stray individual cells.

Its OK to be worried so dont get annoyed with yourself that you are but if you find yourself thinking about it too much bring yourself back to the here and now and make some happy plans for the future. Worrying about anything wont change the outcome but it can make you miserable which doesnt help you get better and get over this b*gger of a disease

I am now 8 weeks post MX and full ANC and can assure you that soon you will feel better and like I am now be looking forward to getting rads over and done with and back to work/new normal

Sending you a big hug

Jen xx

Thank you so much for your reply Jen, I try to stay in the here and now, but constantly thinking is it working! But I guess this is only natural, it’s a good job I don’t have a mammogram machine at home! I have my MRI scan booked in already a week after my 3rd treatment so I guess then I will know. I just keeping looking at my little girl. Since I shaved my head she has woken up twice at night shouting for me which is unusual.

Glad to hear you have got your surgeries out of the way. Hope you get your rads done soon. Big hug and thanks again for your reply xxxxx