Getting ready for surgery

I am about to embark on my journey by having a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I have a family history of multiple cancers and so I’ve opted to go down this road so I can hopefully have some peace of mind of no reoccurrences. It’s a lot to take in but I am extremely lucky to have very supportive family and friends especially my husband and children. Despite this I feel I need the support of those who know exactly how I’m feeling as they are either going through it as well or have been through it. It would be a comfort, I think, to interact with ladies in this group so I can vent and share.

Hi Jacqui,welcome to the forum.Speaking to ladies who were going through /had been through this really saved my sanity 18 months ago .This is a very supportive place .Good luck with your surgery .

Thank you so much for your response Jill, it means a lot.

Goodluck Jacqui .

Im having a single mastectomy and recon in December . Im feeling very positive about it .  The two surgeons really put me at ease and I have complete faith that they will do their best for me . I  just feel as though its a long way off even though it isnt really . Im having lymph node biopsy 16 th Nov and will get results on 30th . 

Iv been out buying buttoned top pyjamas and bits for hospital . I ordered a dollydrain bag which has arrived . I think I might ask my friend to make me another one now Iv seen what it is . It all seems very surreal but all in all Im feeling ok . 

Glad to hear that you have good family and friends support .I too have good support but must admit coming on here and reading how the other girls cope and feel about their journeys is different , very difficult to explain but it is . Also I have met up with a couple of girls from my area who I have been introduced to and they have shown me their breasts , talked very openly about their experiences and that time they gave me aswell as the information on here has been priceless . Definately  has made a difference to  my journey . So yes please join in and share …you dont know who is reading what you say or how much of an impact you make …but Iv learnt so much on here and get so much comfort from it . And its all down to the  BC girls who openly express their good and bad days and help each other through . Big hugs xxxx

I am surrounded by people who are routing for me but today I feel very alone. I am trying so hard not to show my emotions, which is becoming exhausting. Today I just want to scream ’ WHY ME’

Yes, everyone one means well,but they really can’t understand how this feels if they haven’t been through it themselves can they and sometimes comments intended to help really don’t !!!.I found the diagnosis made me feel very isolated and “abnormal” at times ,but speaking to ladies here really helped. You are not alone in this ,lots of us out there in cyberspace who understand .Jill.

Hi Jacqui, It’s a lonely place when you are first diagnosed even with masses of love and support from your loved ones, I had many a WHY ME moment, almost went on a rampage in the local supermarket as I was so full of anger at everyone as it was me and not them! Eventually you do start to think well why not me, I’m no one special in the grand scheme of things, it’s gets easier honestly and we are all here to offer our support and total understanding of what you are going through, let your family in though , I remember ranting at my husband saying it’s not happening to you it’s happening to me! His reply was it may as well be , Poor bugger I put him through hell yet he stood like a rock and held me up, It’s gets less impossible to cope as time goes on and you will deal with it , I’m from last year along with Jill and we all dragged each other through! We are all here for you too Xx Jo 

Hi Jacqui,


sorry to hear about your situation. I remember how alone I felt too, as the others said noone else can really understand unless they have been through it and they dont know what to say.


i had my mastectomy in 2001, had 12/13 armpit lymph nodes infected with bc., I was given a poor prognosis( I felt) at the time. However, after my initial treatment, I did  have several cancer free years-it was hard to let myself believe id live beyond 5 years, yet here I am, back on chemo, but living an almost normal life.


very best wishes for an excellent response to your treatment. Hang in there, things will improve as your treatment gets under way. i will look in from time to time to see how things go. We are all here for youxx


love and hugs, Moijanxx???

Well ladies you have all wowed me with your responses. You are all amazing for taking the time to support me. My husband and children are doing their best but hearing from people who know how I’m feeling is precious.

We know how it feels Jacqui.

Absolutely we do,





How are you coping with the long wait? I’m going to speak to surgeon on Thursday them all bring well going to have my surgery on 18th. You must be going mad waiting till December! I meant to ask what a dollydrain bag is? And do I need one for hospital. Sorry but if that’s a daft question I apologise but I have information overload and I haven’t come across that, I don’t think anyway.
Jacqui sending hugs to you x