getting results today

I had my triple assessment on monday 7th september and was called back in to have more mamogram shots. I then had an ultrasound and a biopsy. The consultant asked me if I have had surgery or an accident, but I havent had either. She then said that she wanted to compare the results from my previous mamogram which was 2 years ago and that she would also look at the biopsy result and will give me the results today at 4.30.
She also said that she didnt think it was cancerous but how can she know that without the results?
I know the chances are I havent got cancer but I am still terrified.
I am so grateful that i can express my feelings on this without upsetting my family

Hi Karen best of luck for this afternoon and hope its a good outcome.Please let us know how you got on if you can. thinking of you. Joycexx

Hi Karen,

Everything crossed for you.

Take care


Thankyou for your support. I am just back from the hospital and the news is good! I am fine
Good luck to all of you
best wishes

yay !!

thats great news Karen really pleased for you.Take care joycexx

Great news!