Getting so angry I just need to vent

Hi…Ladies, I posted back in April about changes in my breast after seeing two Docotors I was referred to the Breast clinic and told I would be seen within two weeks…I have a lump in my armpit, a hard fix lump in my breast with a large area of thickening around it…I still haven’t had an appointment though yet for the hospital so I went back to my G.P. today as I’m having spots of blood coming out of my nipple…my G.P. said she would call the breast clinic to say I needed to be seen ASAP…and would then call me at home with an appointment…I waited about all day and she didn’t call me back…I really feel like I’m hitting my head of a wall…I don’t no what to do next…My G.P showed concern today with the drops of blood and feeling my breast…I just don’t no want to do next…I don’t want to be a pain but I would have thought 18 days from referral I would have least had an appointment…sorry for my rant I didn’t no where else to come… Thanks xx

Hi, Cara,
I’m sorry you’re in this situation. If I were you, I’d ring your surgery and ask what’s going on. Do you know which hospital you’re meant to be going to? If so, ring their ''breast cancer nurses" - the general switchboard will put you through - and ask if they’ve received a referral from your surgery. If they haven’t, get back to the surgery and play merry hell. To quote one of the lovely nurses on the helpline, here, “You’re allowed to be awkward.” Give yourself permission to be assertive and if you’re getting fobbed off by the surgery, ask to speak to the practice manager. (more advice from the helpline)
Sometimes you just have to be proactive in order to sort things out. I know this from personal experience.
Please let us know how you get on. Everyone here is very helpful and supportive. You’re allowed to vent!

I’m afraid you’re right about the brick wall. Having a lot of problems with hospital myself.
If it were me I would see the doctor first thing tomorrow morning (in person no phone consultation) and wait whilst she phones the hospital again and see if you can go along on the day and be seen by a specialist. Annoy them and they might do something. Tomorrow is Friday and it’s POETS day so you would have to get to the hospital in good time. They can always fit someone in as an emergency if only to alleviate your worries. Go to the doctor in tears if that’s what it takes.

Hi Cara

Have you rung the helpline here? I’m sure it’s Government procedure that if you are referred by your GP, you have to be seen within 2 weeks.
The advisors on the helpline will be able to tell you the procedure and time scales. The ladies on there are really helpful and will let you have a rant. I did a while ago and they were lovely!

Hope you get sorted SOON!
Hugs and xxxx

Cara i would say phone the hospital switch board and ask to speak to the breast care nurses and see if they can find out when your appointment is… There should also be an appointments secretary who may be able to advise you of your appt but the bcn might be able to expedite it.

Take care x

Morning Carai carn’t belive you are being treated like this. I hope you are able to sort it out this morning. the doctor should be ashamed… Keep pushing and don’t take anymore fob offs.
There is always someone on here to talk to.
Big hugs Silver xxx

Thanks Ladies for replying…I’m suppose to be seen at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee I’m new to the area so not really sure what they are like there… I’m going to call this morning and see if I get anywhere…not going to hold my breath though…I’m not normal a pushy person but I feel this is one thing I need to be pushy about…Think I will also call the helpline…I do thank all of you for taking the time to reply to me…it’s strange actually wanting a hospital appointment to hurry up, but just need to no what is going on…My G.P. said yesterday she didn’t think it was down to infection so she didn’t give me anything which has made me a little more concern…I think once I no when I’ll be seen I’ll settle down.

Cara xx

Hi Cara
Just to let you know the number for the helpline is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm. The staff on the helpline are there to offer you a listening ear as well as support and information so do give them a call and talk things through.
Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Sorry to hear about your problems. It amazes me how different your experience has been to my sister’s. She had a mammogram last Friday got a phone call Monday morning to go Tuesday for tests e.g. Biopsy ultrasound etc. she got a phone call yesterday to tell her she’s to go today to see the consultant for the results! We all have yearly mammograms because of the family history. Hope you get somewhere soon! Good luck

Well Ladies I called my Docotors this morning and the Doctor just called me back to say the hospital has not received my referral so she was going to fax it over today but it looks like I will have to wait another two weeks for an appointment as they couldn’t give her one over the phone…I don’t no if it is worth calling the hospital just to make sure they have it now or just wait another two weeks…I don’t think any amount of moaning is going to get me seen this month…I don’t normally get so worked up my things but my Gran, and two aunties sadly passed away in there 30’s from breast cancer so it makes me rather edgy…Thank’s again all for listening to me.


I think what you are experiencing is unacceptable. If you were told you would be seen within two weeks then you now have every right to be as awkward as you want to be. I would not be happy to wait another 2 weeks especially with your family history. I think you have to be firmer. I would call everyone I had a number for. Start talking about contacting your MSP to give them the facts so far etc. It’s all very well them saying that another few days/weeks make no difference. What they don’t take into account is the awful worrying and stress that is caused by not knowing.
I think you have been patient long enough.

I’m think I will give it until Monday and then make myself a pest…my friend said to visit every dr. In the practise until something is done…I don’t want to kick up a fuss if it is nothing but all I want is to no when I’ll get my tests done…hopefully they will come back to me today with an appointment but I really can’t see it…time to take my mood out on the house and clean it top toe haha. Xx

Cara but if you dont kick up a fuss you will prob be annoyed at yourself if it is something. The referall is two weeks and you saw your doc two weeks ago so they need to be quick about it. Try calling the Breast Care Nurses at ninewells. X

I no Lulu…I go from being no its nothing to what am I doing, I need to be seen…I tryed calling the hospital today and the main switchboard kept putting me though but it kept ringing out…my best friend has been great, she is telling me not to let it lie but my family are telling me just to leave it until the appointment come though…it’s all so confusing I don’t want to be the person who makes a big fuss and it just an infection but I also don’t want to be in total denial and leave it alone cause as you say if it is something I will be very angry at myself…Monday really is my cut off day because I feel I’m going insane, the not knowing is the worst part. I can face anything if I’m in the no… Xx