Getting so worried

I’ve got my pre-op booked a week today and incisional biopsy the Tuesday afterwards and I’m getting so nervous… the consultant said the needle test showed atypical cells but as the lump feels benign then if they don’t find atypical cells in the lump they’ll have to keep investigating… I just wish I knew of someone else who’d been through this so I know what to expect.
I’ve done it all on my own so far, all the appointments, as hubby has a habit of taking over when I need to get things straight in my head, but it’s all feeling a bit lonely now, if that makes any sense.
Ah well, I guess I’ll be a stronger person once I’ve put it all behind me, just want to know that it’s going to be a happy ending!

gosh I’m puzzled now Hun…
is your lump solid?
don’t feel lonely we are all here for you just pm me if you want a chat Hun
regards Emma x

Yes, it does feel fairly solid, about 1cm diameter, been there since November! I’m puzzled too, as however hard I search I can’t find anyone else with a similar story… trust me to be different!

I wish you all the luck for your biopsy x

Thanks hun

Getting close now - pre-op Thursday and op a week today!
Sooo distracted, can’t concentrate on anything!

Cath, they won’t know the real size of your lump until after surgery. the fact that you haven’t found anyone on here with the same situation as you, is probably because most people only post when they have bad news or are scared, as you are now. They may have eventually had better news or come to terms with things and not bothered posting again. That’s a shame, because I know to read someone elses experiences can be reassuring for us. By now you will have had your pre-op, so I hope you are feeling a bit calmer about surgery next week. Wishing you good luck and hope all goes well for you.

Poemsgalore xxx

Thank you Poemsgalore, you’re right of course, and at times I feel silly for being so dramatic over something which pales almost to insignificance compared to what so many brave women are going through on here, I guess it’s the not knowing which is driving me crazy…
I’m trying to look at it now as every day I’m getting closer to knowing what’s wrong with me, and I should just be grateful that I’ve not had any actual bad news.
Take care, Cath x