Getting there!

Haven’t been on here for ages as it was starting to scare me reading everyone’s side affects, which I miraculously didn’t get?! Had my last chemo 3 weeks ago, still having 3 wkly herceptin but life is feeling more normal now! Went back to work after 4 months away, and after initial nerves it’s great to be back! Having breast reduction surgery on the 10th Aug, anyone else had that? Not sure what to expect afterwards, how long till I can get back to work? Also afraid this is where it’ll all go wrong for me! 4 weeks radiotherapy after that, so looking to get my life back properly at the end of October! Just the hair to come back, which again I didn’t actually lose, it’s just very thin. Can’t help but feel I’ve been too lucky through all of this…still well done ladies, we’ve done the worst bit, onwards and upwards! ?

Hurrah, well done on finishing chemotherapy!! Such good news and I bet you are relieved that bit is over and fantastic news re no side effects.
I am having fec x 3 then t & Herceptin x3. Is that what you had? I did fec 2 on 15th July, my 3rd will be 5th August. I, like you, tend not to read the monthly threads now. At first I did but started to find the side effects talk all very scary and very depressing. It’s lovely to come across someone saying something positive and not announcing to the world they haven’t had a crap in 10 days. I hope the rest of the treatment goes as smoothly for you and well done again in getting this far xx

Hi Emma, yes I had the same treatment as you, and some how sailed through it! Obviously had my tired crappy week after each one, but none of the horrible things that I’ve read other people talking about. I found I was a lot better, quicker, after my last one, which I’m sure is because I knew I didn’t have to do it again; it’s a great feeling! I think keeping a positive attitude and trying to live a normal life on the days you feel ok, although I didn’t work, went back last week, which was terrifying but everyone’s been great.
Keep going, you’ll be at the end before you know it! xx

That’s just brilliant, well done. And it certainly helps having positive people like you in the world to help others feel they can push forward xx

Hi Tonya and Emma

so good to hear that you are ‘sailing’ through this.

Chemo does affect each and everyone of us a very differently.  Especially as age, health status and personal circumstances also have to be taken into account. 

For some - side effects can be very challenging, and if a person does not have any support or help and advice at home and perhaps also being on their own - it can make it a lot more frightening and more challenging.

I, like you, am very lucky - still working 2 weeks out of three after 4th FEC chemo. Emma - watch out - No. 3 FEC, might just floor you - it did me! 

You might call me weird, but I am actually quite glad, that many voice their challenges on the monthly threads - reading them has certainly given me a few tips and is helping me get through some more difficult bits. 

And, despite being lucky - and lucky it is - others have more challenging diagnosis and harsher treatment plans to deal with, than us. I feel priviledged that I was lucky and am so happy to support them through all of this. If not on these threads, where else can  some of us vent our feelings, frustrations and gain a hug - even if it is only a virtual one.

And a journey though cancer diagnosis, treatment and hopefully recovery is not easy fo anyone. Yes, being positive is a great thing, but for others, due to diagnosis and life circumstances being and staying positive is a true challenge! 

No matter how lucky we have been, no matter what the prognosis of reocurrance over the next 5/10 years - they are averages! Never forget - cancer is never really cured - it might come back one day and hormone treatment for many years will have quite severe challenges, too.

Not that I am being negative, lol - just very realistic.

Sue xxx

Ah Sue, don’t think you are weird at all. Everyone handles this situation differently and me not reading about others side effects isn’t because I don’t care what people are going through, it’s just my way of handling it. Plus I have a crazy imagination and if I read someone’s side effects I start imagining I have it when in fact I don’t so it’s just the best way that I personally deal with things at this present time that’s all. I like to look on the ‘Hope and Inspiration’ threads more because it’s just my own way of getting through xx