Getting through the last chemo leg - 3NBC

I’m 38 with 3NBC. Diagnosed in April, I’ve done 12 weeks of paclitaxel and carboplatin (alongside Pembrolizumab immunotherapy) and now I’ve completed my first cycle of 3 weekly AC chemo (and of course more immunotherapy) with 3 more to go… - the next one is just a few days away.

It feels in some ways like I’m on the home stretch, and in other ways it feels so far away. I’ve caught some kind of viral infection this week and I am ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED both physically and emotionally. I’m trying to summon up the energy for the rest of chemo and I keep repeating ‘eye on the prize’ to myself and just telling myself to get through it for my husband - but I’m really struggling. I’m quiet down and it just looks like an endless road ahead.

Anyway the point of this very depressing post (apologies and well done on getting to here) is please share with me anything that got you through the last leg of treatment. What helped you? I’ll take any and all tips, also is it normal to feel like this at this point?


Hi @TillyN :slight_smile:

I’m on a very similar plan to you, but I’m only 4 weeks in (5 tomorrow). I’ve started writing a bucket list of things I’d like to do once the chemo is over, also hopefully planning a holiday for next summer. It’s not a long list but just gives me something to look forward to. I’ve also signed up to the Younger Women Together event in November that I’m hoping I’m well enough to go to. So far Tuesdays are the day I feel the best during the week so I try and get out into town for a walk and a coffee. Little goals have really helped me in the week to help the countdown. I hope my next 8 weeks of carbo/taxol fly by! Chemo is not easy (I’ve spent 3 whole days in bed this week, it’s not been fun) you’re doing great and fingers crossed you can move onto the next phase of your treatment plan smoothly :slight_smile:


Hi there, i am on the last of the 12 week of immuno pax/carbo and then due to to go into the same as u with EC and immuno on 6th October finishing 8th December. I’ve been told by my oncologist that the side effects of EC are more joint and muscle aches like the flu, is that the case for you. Such a shame to hear you have caught an infection at this stage in your treatment. I really do hope u feel better soon x

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Hi Kendal - same treatment plan as you and starting EC on Tuesday. It feels a long haul but I keep thinking at least I have three weeks between EC and just planning some treats helps

My oncologist said the same. The nausea is well managed and its tiredness and muscles in first week that are main side effects. But he also said what I’ve been through by the end of the 12 weekly will help me as I know already what the side effects feel like particularly fatigue!

Good luck when you start. X


It is tough. Maybe plan mini treats and you will soon be half way through. That is huge. Sorry you have an infection and resting to get rid of that will help hugely. Take care x

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Wait I am on EC too not AC. :see_no_evil: my experience of it is that there’s alot more nausea and fatigue but less muscle aches and pains. The first night after treatment i was sick 3 times before i figured out my nausea medicine as the label was wrong. Also i had horrific heartburn and had to pee every hour practically that night. It settled down the next day though. I found the fatigue and nausea was most intense the first week. Alot of practically falling asleep sitting up.
With the nausea I’d recommend keeping to really plan foods things I’ve been able to eat comfortably are baked potato, cream crackers, porridge, bananas, mac and cheese and plain ish meat with rice and pasta. After the first seven days of feeling pretty icky i had a few days of feeling fairly normal which after the weekly chemo was a gift. But got hit by an infection the third week so feeling rotten again now. Next cycle I’m planing to fast/only have dry toast for 24 hours after as i think my mistake was eating too soon.

Thanks so much; i think it’s just a rough week today and it doesn’t help that my birthday is soon on a day i know I’ll be either comatose or fighting nausea. No cake for me only cream crackers. You’re right though. I’ll try and think of some treats. Hope you’re doing ok too.

Poor you. Has the helpline or your nurse been able to adjust some different meds for the nausea? Hoping cycle 2 is kinder to you.

happy birthday and hope you can enjoy some time. That cake will be waiting with your name on it. Xx

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Yup i didn’t need different nausea meds, just a more instructive label. They said ‘take as required’ so i took them when i was nauseous… what i was actually meant to do was take one and wait at least half an hour to eat anything… and take them at 7 hour intervals. So once i knew what to do with them I was ok. But I’m due a review on Tuesday, i suspect they’ll say ‘thats just chemo’ but maybe they’ll offer me something better.

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Thanks Rachel. I’m on day 10 now after EC and I’ve managed ok with sickness and tiredness and the usual oral thrush from immunotherapy but yesterday I’ve suddenly been affected by sore gums and today it’s been worse. I feel like my mouth is on fire :fire:. I’ve phoned the treatment centre and they said there’s nothing they can do for me at the mo but to rinse my mouth with salt water. I’m going ring back tomorrow or visit the GP. Have you experienced anything like this to date.