Getting very anxious waiting for core biopsy results

Hi All


I’m new to this forum but I am at my wits end waiting for the results for 2 core biopsies.


After having my first ever mammogram at the beginning of March, (I will be 51 in June) I received a letter a couple of weeks later informing me that I need to attend the breast assessment clinic for further tests.  The appointment was last Wednesday (3rd April) and my husband came with me for support.  


When I arrived I was told it was my left breast that they wanted to check so I had a further mammogram, ultrasound and the doctor examined both breasts to see if there were any differences.


The mammogram shows a shadow on my breast but no lump so I had to have a core biopsy.  Also the ultrasound picked up a very small dense line in a different area which was on the mammogram so this was biopsied also.


My results appointment has been made for 17th April and it can’t come soon enough.  Also because the doctor can’t be certain it isn’t cancer she has already booked a hospital referral appointment for the following week (which can be cancelled if necessary.)


My husband is being really supportive but I dont want to keep talking about it with him as I know he is worried.  Also at the moment, we have agreed not to mention anything to our families or friends until we know the outcome so that they are not put through any unnecessary worry.  However this is making me feel very isolated and just want to share it with someone which is why I am posting this.  (Weirdly, just typing this has helped.)


I feel I am on the verge of tears all the time as can’t stop over thinking it all and just want the results so I know where I stand.

Hi  GezziJ,

sorry to read your post…its such a shock isnt it… waiting for results is bloody awful ??

all i can say is we have all been there, some more than once…

you have to be strong and positive and should the news be bad ,  face upto it with determination.

like you i didnt say anything  i think its the best way…  

please let me know how things go with you… you will ALWAYS find someone on here to talk to.

good luck and BIG hugs ??

Hey GezziJ


I’ve literally just been through EXACTLY the same as you, I had the biopsy’s on March 25th and got the results yesterday (15 of the longest days of my life) I was given the news I’d been dreading, but I have to say the wait has been the worse part, I now have the knowledge and the plan to move forward and I’m feeling a lot more positive and a lot calmer, 

I wish you well, here anytime you want to chat ? xxx