Ginger tablets

Can anyone tell me anything about ginger tablets and where can I buy them.

Hi Poodlepatch,

Sorry I don’t know anything about ginger tablets - but is this for nausea? I bought some chrystallised ginger to take into hospital for the MX. Didn’t do it for any reason other than that I liked it. But it was all I could eat for 24 hrs after the op because I was so sick. It was fab and is in lots of health food shops. It was one of the nurses that reminded me that ginger is good for nausea


I buy ginger root powder tablets from Holland and Barratt and cut them open and dissolve in hot water - they and a ginger biscuit really do settle my stomach queasiness post chemo.

Hi Poodlepatch,
It’s a busy day before chemo, isn’t it, but you need to keep busy anyway to stop from thinking too much. I practically mainlined on lemon and ginger tea which is easy to get.
Wishing it all to go well for you tomorrow

Ginger ale is good too - rather counter intuitively I always find fizzy drinks good for nausea.