Glad I went back !!! (I think)

Hi all, have had a good read of forum and thought I would register and post. About eight weeks ago, I found a lump on left breast - feels like gravel has a mark on skin sort of bluish black and was very hard - I left it for two weeks thinking it was probably nothing - eventually after telling husband and mother-in-law was advised to go to GP. GP was thorough and reassuring said she was sure it was a cyst so no futher action required, I was obviously very relieved. Six weeks later and Cyst is still there and the area around it seems lumpy, it feels like I have deeper lumps around it!! If that makes sense. So today I decided to go back and see another GP (not sure why - I just feel lump has changed and I am not as reassured as I was after seeing first GP). I saw another female GP, she examined me and commented that lump was “close to the skin” not sure what that means… I also told her I have found breast quite uncomfortable and achy but put that down to the poking and prodding, I also told her my auntie (mum’s sister) had recently been diagonised with Breast Cancer ( I didn’t mention this at first apt, but was advised I should have done - I wasn’t sure if it was close enough relative). The GP said she was going to refer me urgently, which shocked me, she said she felt I had, had this lump long enough and to leave any long would not be wise?? She said referal was going to be urgent as I had “pain” and that I had had the lump a while. She also said as I have a young family (3 daughters) it was better not to take chances.
So here I am on now, my husband on night shift, my three little girls in bed - sitting on my own chewing it all over… I am pleased she has decided to check it out and be thorough, but I am also scared she has decided to check it out and be thorough - and now all the questions, what did she see that the first GP didn’t? - is “close to the skin” bad? - She also said to expect to get a needle biopsy - is this standard ??? So, I thought I would post on here to have contact with all of you who have been here, playing the waiting game… Any answers to my questions, understanding of the process and general support would be greatly appreciated … Its weird my Womens Intuition told me to get a second opinion but now I have it I am not sure how I feel !!! Just hoping I get Apt though soon (I was told by GP within two weeks).
Thanks for reading

Sarah x

So sorry you find yourself here. I do hope you have good news soon. You will probably have mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy done at the breast clinic. Try not to worry, the nurses and doctors are usually really kind and supportive and know how worried you will be.
The waiting is often the hardest part.
I wish you all the very best.

Hi Sarah,

I am sorry you have found yourself in this worrying position, but you have done exactly the right thing. The second gp you went to seems to know her stuff as this year new guidance came out stating that breast lumps should be referred to a specialist, such as a breast clinic, within two weeks. Nine out of ten lumps are not sinister and so chances are it will be fine. If it is bad news, breast cancer is eminently treatable, as my surgeon told me, and the treatments may be hard but are doable. I am 36 with two little boys and was dx in march and have had a lumpectomy, Chemo and am currently having radiotherapy. I was totally shocked when I found out but it is amazing how you find the strength when you need it. The clinic will probably do a mammogram and if you are young, ie under 45 or so ish, you should make sure they do an ultrasound too. They usually do but just be aware and ask got one if they don’t as mammograms are less accurate on younger denser breast tissue. They may or may not do a biopsy depending what they see but just because you have one doesn’t mean it’s cancer, they often come back negative too.

Take care and let us know how you get on


Hi Sarah

Welcome to the Breast Cancer discussion forums, I hope you find them a great source of support and information.

As well as the help you are receiving from the other users you may find it useful to read the BCC booklet ‘referral to a breast clinic’ It gives information about what to expect at the clinic and details of the different tests you may have. If you would like to read this just follow this link:-*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

I hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Sarah,

As the others have said, I’m sorry you have found yourself in this position. I’m 36 and was diagnosed in April, and am just finishing chemo. I completely understand how you feel in terms of the worry you feel once a GP has considered it important enough to refer you on an urgent basis…somehow that almost makes you worry more, because they have taken it so seriously. However, as Vickie says, this is becasue they have specific guidelines to follow regarding referral of women with breast lumps. The second thing to remember is that the vast majority of breast lumps referred do turn out to be non-cancerous. When you have looked at this site it probably doesn’t appear like that though, as only a few of those ladies whose lumps turn out to be benign post on here.

I was seen in the breast clinic the week after my GP referral. At the breast clinic I had a mammogram, ultra-sound scan and biopsies…so what you were told is standard procedure. Whether they do a biopsy or not depends on what is seen on the scans, but having a biopsy done does not necessarily mean it is cancer…it is just to investigate the possibility. In terms of your GP saying it is near the skin, as far as I am aware, this does not have any bearing on whether or not it could be cancer as tumours can occur anywhere in breast tissue. If anyone has any other insight into this, then hopefully they will be along to post.

So, I am hoping for you that it will turn out to be benign. However, if not, then you and your GP have done the right thing now by getting the process going to get treatment started. And as Vickie says, while the treatment is not easy, it really is manageable. I found the waiting to be the worst part. Whilst I was completely shocked to be diagnosed, I found that once I knew what I was dealing with and could focus on getting on with treating it, an inner strength seems to kick in and it became more manageable. Try and keep yourself busy and plan some nice things to do each day while you are waiting for your appt.

I’m thinking of you, ask any other questions you think of, and let us know how you get on.

Take care


Oh Ladies !!! What can I say - You got me in tears… What kind and lovely comments - Honestly I have only told about three people about what is happening and this is the first time I have cried about it… I think that is a good thing… I am sure it will be fine and am a bit aprehensive about going to the clinic, however am overwhelmed with the support and kindness you have extended to me - I just think you are amazing to have gone through this and not have had the positive outcome I am hoping for and yet still have the strength to support me… A million thank you’s - I am so glad I posted I feel this is such a better way for me to discuss and communicate and share with others - as the few people I have spoken to, have either been dismissive or not sure what to say… Thank you for guiding me through this process and “holding my hand”. I would like to keep this line of communication going - as I feel it hasgiven me the metophoric hug and warmth that I didn’t even realise was out there…
Thank you all so much - stay in touch
Sarah x