Glad that bit's over!

Had wire-guided WLE and SNB on right side on Friday (4th) morning, expecting to come home the same day. Far too sleepy and queasy, stayed in overnight, got home yesterday morning. Still getting spells of slight wooziness and mild nausea, but no doubt that will soon pass. Little bit of tingling in hand/fingers, pain under control, not too hugely swollen. Not having any problems raising arm, reaching etc (I am right handed) so I need not have worried about e.g. brushing hair, food preparation etc. In fact, the BCN encouraged me to use my arm as normal, excepting heavy lifting, plus the exercises she has given me 5 times a day. Go back to see her on Wednesday (if i can arrange transport, I would usually drive to the hospital), results in approx. 2 weeks.

Brilliant team at RUH Bath - had seen nurse, registrar, surgeon, anaesthetist and BCN all in the first hour after booking in, as I was second on the list. The surgeon even popped in to see me after 6pm in the Recovery Ward when I am sure she should have been on her way home, having started at 8 or before.

Hi there Lucky Lass I had the same and am feeling glad its over.  Had the wire inserted and Radioactive dye injected on Friday came home overnight and back Saturday for the WLE came home yesterday morning. Still feeling sick and dizzy so rang the ward today and they say I need an anti sickness drug the wound is a little hot and red so BCN going to check on me.  Thinking of you and hope the continued treatment goes well.

Yes they are all so wonderfully will buy something nice to give to breast clinic and day ward

Hi LuckyLass, Hope you are feeling better today, I’m also under the team at RUH, and can’t fault the fantastic care I have had, I went to the Breast of Friends meeting yesterday, Kate had arranged for a lady to talk and demo Reflexology-  very relaxing. and lovely to chat to other ladies. Next meeting is Mon 4 Aug, maybe see you there. 

Take Care, Jenny  xx. 

Hi this is day6after my op but now have nerve pain down top of my arm thought I was hearling ok till last night just hope they have not damaged neves when doing lath nodes

Had mine last Thursday could not pass water had to drink 3jugs of water then my bp was low and felt light headed said it was the morphin have not eaten much came home do not fancy anything wonder if this is normal.lost 7lb in weight now have nerve pain in my arm near wear I was cut hope it goes away have to see nurse in morning to look at dressings will ask her good luck to you xxxxhave my results in 2weeks

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a good day,


Toulula & Luckylass  i will be thinking of both of you as you wait for your results,  


Luckylass i have sent you a PM 


Sending you all a big bundle of Huggles.  ( my young grandsons special word)  think it is hugs and cuddles, so enjoy.





Well done you, I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow at Dorset county Hospital (my daughter was born in RUH Bath by the way). I am terrified and your post has helped me feel less so. It is supposed to be day surgery and as I am also a memeber of staff at the same hospital, I know quite a few of the team and that is also encouraging. I am hoping I won’t have to stay in, but will do what they think is best. Just wondered how you feel about people calling you brave? That is the last thing I feel. Heal well, and as painlessly as possible, will look forward to you updates.

All the best