Glass of wine?

Hi everyone I used to enjoy an occasional glass of red wine but have abstained since my dx a few months ago  I am on quite a concoction of medication which includes MST, oramorph Exemestane and Amilodopine for BP. I have not asked the question at my OPA oncology but do you know whether it is safe to have an occasional glass. I do not want to put my body under more stress with more chemicals to contend with but I sometimes just fancy a little drinky ?Xx

Hi Anneemay,

i have never asked and i have never been told not to drink alcohol. The way i look at it is we hav enough to contend with and have to give enough up without giving up little pleasures that probably wont do any harm in moderation. In our position i go for anything that brings a little enjoyment. It if were me i would go ahead and have that little drinky…cheers!!