Anyone within a half-hour drive want to meet for lunch some time?

Be nice to know someone else with BC.


Am in Somerset…new here, have kids at school and like a laugh rather than a coffee morning…no disrespect!!!

hi ladies,
i know there are quiet a few ladies who meet in bristol, but i am near bridgwater and would love to meet somewhere more local.
theres a great italian in b/water if anyone wants to ‘do lunch’, im sure once we ‘meet and greet’ the laughter will come!!name dates, i will be there x

Yup…love to meet up girlies. One of you choose the location; happy to drive over to Bridgy and do Italian, ‘Somerset lady’. Where are you ‘lost in france’? New here after being there?! I’ll put forward 20 or 21 Sept. Free xx

20 or 21 are fine with me, it for someone to choose location!

Am near Taunton…is there anyone around this area?
Was away and lost this thread…