Glucosamine after completing treatment?

Hi all

Can anyone tell us if it is safe to take Glucosamine after finishing breast cancer chemo/radio and being advised to not take anything with estrogen in it?

My partner Kim is really suffering with joint pain/stiffness since finishing treatment, and has just been confirmed as going through menopause.

B & K

Hi there, I was left felling like an old lady at the end of my treatment, I asked my oncologist about glucosamine and he gave me a look that suggested he wasnt convinced that it would help but he did say it wouldnt do any harm, I get the one that contains Chondroitin, slighty dearer though. If your partner feels low in energy, Co-enzyme q10 is worth trying and cod-liver oil also. BTW, I take Tamoxifen, Ad-cal calcium supplement and 2 different painkillers
and none of them appear to clash and I`m deffo over the menopause.
Love Mags x

I was allowed to take it all the way through treatment. Didn’t know about the eostrogen. They said It was fine. Jane

I take a host of supplements also high doses of glucosamine/msm,1 week before chemo had to remove all supplements from my regime including femara and dim(anti estrogen)the oncologist wanted a clear canvas to work on,but said I can return to my supplement programme when chemo finished.A good site with good research is
Hugs Mavis

So sorry,must be the “chemo brain”

yikes Mavis here again

My doctor prescribes glucosamine with magnesium and it was recommended by breast care nurse after suffering joint pains at the end of my active treatment.

I take glucosamine 1500mg. checked with oncologist and was told to carry on. I have done 3 FEC and about to start taxotere

Apparently it’s very good for nails too!