Ihave just taken my first Arimidex tablet today, i am also taking calcium and vit d, does anyone know if it will be ok to take Glucosamine and Chondroitin if i start with joint pain, i would be grateful for any info, thanks


I asked my onc and was okay to take glcosamine for joint pain and i must admit it has done wonders. I’m on tomaxifen thou.


that’s good to hear as I was thinking about taking a glucosamine, chondritin supplement for a bit too as I seem to a bit creaky post chemo but I’ve got a box of Novaldex D (Tamoxifen) sitting here expecting me to start them which I really should.

thanx for comments, i put off starting my Arimidex, but thought i`d better get cracking, not taken any glucosamine yet, will wait till symptoms start if they do, how long before they start? does anyone know, or is everyone different?

Hi slimpet, I am on Arimidex since August, and yes the bones are aching - a lady on here recommended Glucosamine, chondroitin and msm complex which I started a few days ago, I am also taking high strength calcium with vit D for the bone density and starflower for the hot flushes!!! Must rattle when I walk, but will try anything!

I’m on Arimidex too and my joint pains aren’t too bad, but my bcn did tell me glucosamine& chondroitin is brilliant and to buy it from the well-known high street health shop whenever it’s on sale, stock up.She did say though that if it hasn’t made any difference after 6 weeks or so, not to bother, as it would show up by then if it was helping.I just manage it with ibuprofen.My symptoms (hot flushes are my worst ones, tbh, but in fact aren’t too bad…and i will be coming off arimidex shortly, while i have my chemo, so will start again once that’s over with) aren’t too bad at all, but i know they are worse for many women.Still, i would not hesitate to take them to help keep this embuggerence (thankyou for a superb new word,Terry Pratchett!) at bay…

Hi I would love to give these a go anyone know if they are ok if taking Warfarin??