Glucosamine for joint pains

i was dx 2004, treated with bilateral mx, radiotherapy etc and started off with tamoxifen , then Arimidex. Have suffered with dreadful joint/muscle pains since then, even though finally stopped arimidex May 2010.
Am being investigated (still!) for ? autoimmune disease but still having pain in joints/muscles, with a lovely fatigue too. I feel like I am in my 90’s (actually 48) and i have read in a few threads that some of you are taking Glucosamine.
I was wondering if those of you that do take this, what dose do you take, and does it help? My GP is no good and I am really getting quite desperate, becuase the chronic pain and discomfort is beginning to really drag me down.
Do you take anything else either, such as Omega? and if so, what dose? Would really appreciate any comments

Hi Happyshopper,
In 2008 I was put on Tamoxifen and the joints pain started almost immediately. I took glucosamine from Holland and Barrats ( the one that you take once a day only). It takes six weeks to start working, and bang after six weeks all pains gone. I don 't dare stopping it now; I have been moved to Letrozole, and pains are supposed to be worse. So far (3 months) so good. So I would strongly recommend it.

Hi HappyShopper

I started taking Glucosamine before being diagnosed with bc after finding out I have mild osteoarthiritus. I take 1000mg daily and also take 1000mg codliver oil as I was told it’s more effective if you take both.
Have been on Tamoxifen 7 months and can’t say I’ve suffered with any joint pain. Is that the tablets working or was I not going to have that side effect anyway? Who knows!
I get mine from Tesco where they seem to be the cheapest and they always have a 3 for 2 offer.Worth you giving it a go.

Hi Vercors and chickengirl,
thank you very much for your replies and it’s great to hear that you have had benefits from taking glucosamine.
I have now got some from H&B - they are 1000 mg, take 1 or 2 a day and will start them tomorrow - fingers crossed.
I will look at Omega 3 too - is that the same as cod liver oil, chickengirl?

You should take Glucosamine & Chondroitin combined…so the research says! Jane

Well, I am on Tamoxifen and take max strength cod liver oil (omega 3 and 6 I think, and has vitamins D and E added) and also vegetarian glucosamine 500mg three times a day (I’m allergic to shell fish so can’t take the real stuff). Not sure it helps all that much but I plod on with it…

Thanks for your advice too, Jane and Revcat - I will go shopping again on Tuesday and am really hoping this will help. Do you take any other supplements at all, in addition to these ones? X

I have taken high dose omega 3 (advised not to take omega 6 as er+ but sorry can’t remember why) and was advised by onc to take glucoscamine.I am currently taking seven seas jointcare which has glucoscamine,omega 3 and vit D combined.It works for me.I have arthritis and joint pain as a side effect from letrozole.
I think it will take a few weeks for anything to work and you may have to find what works for you.

L xx

You need to take 1,500 mg of glucosamine for it to do any good. I have taken both Glucosamine and Cod Liver Oil for many years for arthritis : It’s hard to know how much good it does as I don’t know how bad I might have been without it!

However I haven’t suffered joint pain in my hands as many people seem to experience on Arimidex -so - although the arthritis continues in my shoulders and knees, I have to believe it’s helping!

It is MUCH cheaper to buy in bulk and by post-- online or otherwise- suggest you look up woodshealth, simplysupplements etc

I bought some joint tablets from Sainsbury’s which have Chondroitin and Glucosamine combined which cost about £6.99 for 60, although they had a special offer ( buy two get one free), which reduced the price. I actually bought them for my German Shepherd Dog (they are for humans rather than dogs, but basically they have exactly the same ingredients as those from the vet). My dog was getting very arthritic, because GSD’s are prone to joint problems - plus he is ten years old, and weighs 9 stone. Anyway in just six months he has gone from pottering along, and not wanting to run at all, to running up and down hills for two hours, and then swimming in a lake (which is what he did today. So if they make a difference for dogs, I’m sure they must work for people.

Thanks very much for all comments, I certainly feel more confident going ahead with taking these supplements and am hoping that they will be helpful- can’t get worse!!!
With regards to Omega 3 and 6 -Lucinda, thanks for the info re: omega 3, does anyone else know why you shouldn’t take omega 3 if Er +ve(which I am)?
Also, I have found some supplements contain soya - should this be avoided if poss with ER +ve/ Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I’m taking/not taking what I should!XX