Glucosamine & Phytoestrogens

My elbow and wrist are killing me, have been on Femara for a few months and apart from this i feel better than when on Tam.
I was wondering about taking the above but am having difficulty finding out if they contain phytoestrogens. I am waiting for my onc to email me back but not sure if he will know what Glucosamine is as i am in France. He said taking whatever i like apart from anything containging phytoestrogens but its not always easy to discover this.
So, does anyone know if it contains it or not for sure.
Thanks X


I don’t know if it contains it but I take Glucosamine and Chondroitin and my GP is aware of this and not commented. Now I’m wondering if I should ask!!! I’m on Arimidex at the moment.

Sheana x

Neither glucosamine nor chondroitin are phytoestrogens - and I doubt if any of the other ingredients in these supplements would be. (I’m on Femara myself.) But do check with your onc, anyay!

I have just had email back from onc. He said as far as he is concerned there arent any phytoestrogens in Glucosomine but he doughts it would be strong enough for my painfull elboy and wrist. He also said i could see a trichologist but i would have to pay privately for this so not really a happy bunny this morning seeing that it was one of their drugs that made me bald!

My OH and my dog have used it, you do need a high dose though. There was a thread about it earlier in the year you can read it here:

Just to update on that my OH isn’t using it anymore and the joint pain is gone now. The dog no longer has any problems which make me chuffed as the vet said they would probably had exploratory surgery to find out what was causing his limping… 6 months on glucosamine, chondritin and MSM and they’re both right as rain and prior to that OH couldn’t kneel as the pain was too bad so I don’t see what you’ve got to lose. Don’t expect strong results in less than 3 months though.

I wonder how much most oncologists know about this stuff, Do most hospitals have properly trained nutrionalists available to us or our oncs?

Thats interesting. Can i ask you how much did you give to your dog as my jack russel has a hip problem especially when she gets up from sleeping on her left hip. She is ok after she has hobbled along for a min but would like to try this for her if it might help. She is only doggy fish oils at the mo but no improvemnt yet.

Hi pineapple,
My onc said ok to take glucosamine and chrondrontin I am on Tamoxifen,
I used to take before but had to stop everything when having chemo, and I am still abit achy following 4 EC and 4 tax, my knee and hip and back still hurt abit so was thinkking of taking them again.
Take care
Lv Dawn x

ps. I have heard it is good for dogs too.