'Go Cake' for constipation (with grateful thanks to Cryst)

This recipe for Go Cake was posted some time ago (7 March) by Cryst and I hope it’s ok to reproduce it here - it’s easy, delicious, and does what it says on the tin… thank you Cryst, I saw the thread (Can’t sleep after first FEC) just before starting my own chemo.

4oz All Bran
5 oz sugar
10 oz mixed dried fruit (Basically whatever’s in the cupboard - use a nice mixture. Apricots, cranberries etc as well as sultanas. Lots of chopped prunes for extra “go”.)
1/2 pint milk
4oz self raising flour

Put All Bran, sugar and fruit into a bowl, mix, add milk and allow to stand for at least half an hour (while you recover from the physical effort so far).

Sieve in the flour, mix well and pour into well greased 2lb loaf tin.

Bake in moderate oven (180 deg c) for about an hour, until a knife comes out dry. Cover with foil after 30 mins if it’s browning too much.

Turn out of tin and cool.

Serve in thin slices with butter as thick as you like it.

…and it’s really nice with Manuka honey too

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oooh - sounds nice. Shall give recipe to premenstrual daughter who is giving me a really hard time just now, she can do something useful instead of speaking to me badly!!!

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will try when i need it lol…

nice one



Thanks for the recipe Palomino88 - and thanks for bumping this up for me Carianne - I have all ingredients except the all- bran - so will be going off to co-op to get some and try this out and report back on my findings!

For those who may not have seen my message posted a few days ago - I haven’t been gto the ‘loo’ (well on tiny one this morning) since a week past Sunday - got some Movicol from the doc and have used it since Monday - as I say - still not quite right - so will be baking this cake - and watch yourselves!!!

Take care all



hya i made the cake 2 weeks ago and it was lovely it tasted like christmas cake and was delicious everyone who tasted it agreed and i’ve had to give the recipe to my family and friends

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