God I hope it's not inflammatory cancer

Hello everyone.

I am Rukisa(nickname) I am posting in regards to my mother. Its 04:08 am in Africa Uganda where I am posting from. It was on 24th of January this year when my mother (56years) noticed a sudden big lump in her breast. I am her last born and we were staying 30 miles away from each other. I asked for a day off n we went had US,MAMMOGRAM done same. There were calcifications from the mammogram and dilated intramammary ducts and nodules.  She was given Cefix antibiotics which didn’t help. After a week, asked for a FNAC biopsy doctors from the breast clinic which we did n got results after a week showing FAT NECROSIS and no DCIS.That my mother had rotten milk they gave her bromocriptine to dry it out which didnt really help so they decided to do an excursion biopsy. Doctors seemed alarmed but I kept praying hard. I am believer in Christ. All this time she had no pain even after the biopsy. Results showed SCELORISING ADENOSIS. That was on 27th March the swelling started reducing. Now  suddenly on 23rd April a month after the biopsy, she has started experiencing pain and the breast is swollen. There is like pitting now all of these which were not present be4 the biopsy. The surgical site hurts her on touch but with no nipple discharge and the breast is now visibly bigger than the other. Today Wednesday she is going back to the clinic. Keep us in prayers I am from praying also. Literally didnt sleep. I hope it’s not inflammatory cancer. I will update u today evening. God has been with us 

Sounds like it could be an infection from the surgical site. We hope everything turns out well for your mother. We are all well aware the stress of something like this. 

Good morning from this side. 

I hope everyone who has been with us here is alive. I wanted to update u on new developments about my mother.

The breast that had abscess seemed to be healing for the past weeks. She was getting dressed from the local clinics because the main hospital where they did her surgery is 30 miles. New developments however  in the right breast which was not the one they operated on last time. It had been fine with no lumps or masses on ultrasound scan but now she feels like whatever was in the left breast is starting to appear in the right breast. The last scan we had on 26.04.2023 had local masses in the right breast however she had bilateral duct ectasia. Breast clinic only works on Wednesday but tomorrow might be EID if it’s not she will have to come back for further check up or we wait til next Wednesday. However she still tells me she feels no swelling when she is in bra but it comes when she is not in a bra so she is also confused. Trying to work balancing things but ts hard. Going to post something from the scan. In case of anything I will keep updating u all.

In prayers and may God wrap his love around us.